Molluscum Killer


 A Virgnia Beach pharmaceutical company, Dalos Biopharma, has come out with a most interesting and effective product called Poxiderm.

    If you ask a dermatologist what is the bane of his existence, many of us would reply warts. Some might respond Molluscum Contagiousum on the face. These pesky, little shiny dome-shaped lesions like to set up home around the face and trunk of children and the lower abdomen and privates of young adults. In the latter it can be a sexually transmitted disease. Like warts they are caused by a virus. In the case of MC the virus is a hardy one and resists sunlight and drying, making it all the more communicable.

     Dalso has developed a powerful new weapon in the fight against both warts and Molluscum. Well, not exactly new since it is derived from a plant found in the Amazon. The active ingredient is a phytochemical which has anti-pox virus activity. Perhpas, its earliest users were the South American Inidans who would rub it on their bodies to protect themselves against smallpox which was decimating the native populatiion. 

    So far I have used Poxiderm on about fifty patients. My feeling is that the substnace is very good against Molluscum and just so-so against warts. This was best exemplified by a young man with numerous lesions of both species. After cryotherapy (freezing), when he returned after using Poxiderm for three weeks, he said he was no better. However, when I examined him, his Molluscum were gone but the warts remained. 

      Of course, I use every wart and MC fighter I have at my disposal, but Poxiderm has been  a great adjunctive therapy. As a citizen of Virginia Beach, I am pleased that such a superior product is originating here. 


PS: Dalos is privately held and I am not paid by the company in any way.

Article by
Virginia Beach Dermatologist