Merz to give Botox more competition


 Many of us are aware of the possible approval of Reloxin, Dysport in Europe. This is a long anticipated competition for Botox and hopefully will lower the cost to physicians and their patients.

      Another two neurotoxins threaten to further dethrone Allergan's monopoly further eroding costs. PurTox, a product of the Mentor Corporation, mostly known for breast implants, is in its second of three Phase III studies seeking FDA approval of their Botulinum Toxin Type A neurotoxin . Since Mentor was purchased by Johnson and Johnson, this will be an even more powerful rival than Medicis in this field.

     Also, Merz of Germany, presently mostly known among dermatologists for their product Naftin, an antifungal,  has announced that they will be seeking FDA approval for their Botulinum toxin Type A entry, Xeomin. This has been used in Europe by neurologists for a number of years, but certainly can have its cosmetic uses. 

    One can only speculate when any of these medications will be approved, but certainly having a choice of four rather than one can only benefit us all ( except Allergan shareholders I guess).

Article by
Virginia Beach Dermatologist