Is The NIA 24™ Pro-Niacin Skin Therapy Product Line The Real Deal?


I have been using the NIA 24™ family product line for over two years and am very impressed and pleased with the efficacy of these products. The NIA 24™ Pro-Niacin Skin Therapy product line is distributed by Mentor Corporation and consists of a cleansing scrub cream, skin strengthening complex repair cream, and a sun damage prevention (SPF 30) cream.

Each of these products can be used as a stand alone or, preferably, in combination. The primary active ingredient is Pro-Niacin, which allows for conversion of nicotinic acid into NAD. NAD has an essential role in cellular energy metabolism and cellular repair (skin cancer prevention). Additionally, it stimulates and promotes skin cell regeneration and the release of leptin.

Because I practice in Colorado, I need for my patients effective agents to combat and even reverse the effects of intense high altitude sun exposure (over 300 days per year) and dry air. The NIA 24™ product line has been well designed and thought out. In addition to pro-niacin, the NIA 24™ Skin Strengthening Complex Repair Cream is loaded with other anti-oxidants and effective moisturizers. Comments from my patients point out that this product is formulated in a light cream that is easily absorbed.

A few patients have noted some initial irritation, but this has usually has subsided within days by having them cut back on the amount used. NIA 24™ Sun Damage Prevention Cream has both titanium oxide and zinc oxide in an oil-free light cream, providing SPF 30 protection. In addition to the niacin derivative, serving as a moisturizer is water soluble vitamin E dissolved in a light cream base.

The only negative feedback has been directed towards the whitening effect, which requires the user to take extra time to rub the cream into the skin. But, in terms of sun protection, this product is powerful!

In summary, our experience and use of NIA 24™ product line seems to support clinical studies that claimed that patients recognized dramatic results within 90 days, noting:

* 90% reduction in hyperpigmentation
* 82% improved skin texture
* 81% increased skin smoothness
* 80% improved skin tone
* 68% reduction in fine lines & wrinkles
* 53% improved firmness

I would encourage you to give NIA 24™ a try… I personally use it daily and love it! Keep in mind that these products are only distributed through physician’s offices, so you will need to either contact your plastic surgeon or find one near you.

Stephen A. Goldstein, MD, FACS


Article by
Englewood Plastic Surgeon