Breast Augmentation After Pregnancies


Quite a number of my breast augmentation patients are moms.  After one or more pregnancies, most women experience a loss of breast volume combined with some ‘stretching out’ of the breast skin. In many of these patients, an implant of moderate size will restore a very pleasing breast contour.  These patients are NOT looking to raise eyebrows at work or around the neighborhood – they just want to throw their padded bras away, and to feel better about their appearance in private.

When there is laxity of the breast skin that makes the breasts appear somewhat droopy, the addition of an implant of moderate size can ‘fill up’ the excess skin and create the appearance of a breast lift (although this is not truly a breast lift or ‘mastopexy’).  This is often a situation that exists after pregnancy and lactation, but I also see quite a number of patients with significant breast skin laxity who have never been pregnant. 

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Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon