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No, this isn’t an article about your finances – it’s about your appearance!

Your appearance is one of your most valuable assets. And it can require a little effort and upkeep on your part – but it’s definitely worth it! And, it can actuallyplay a role in your net worth!

We’re very lucky that we live in a time when modern technology has brought us an array of minimal to no downtime options to enhance and maintain our appearance. The key is to look your personal best for whatever your age. Many people require just a little freshening to look better.

If you know exactly what you want or need, you can schedule an appointment specifically for a certain procedure, such as Botox. However, most people find it helpful to come in for a cosmetic consultation, and a customized treatment plan can be formulated that best suits your appearance and budget. There are far too many options available to get enough information (or misinformation) from the Internet or a magazine for most people to know what would actually be best for them.

So, how can your appearance be improved and freshened up? Frown lines, crow’s feet around the eyes, and forehead lines can be relaxed with Botox. Fillers of various brands can help soften the lines between the nose and mouth, treat lip lines, enhance the lips and the area around the lips, and can even be used as a “liquid facelift” to replace volume that is lost with the aging process. Lasers can treat a red complexion, spider veins, wrinkles, brown spots, and can even tighten up the skin. Unwanted hair is also removed with lasers.

These days, many people can avoid or postpone needing more drastic procedures, by opting instead for minimal to no downtime procedures, and then following an easy program of ongoing maintenance.

What are the benefits of improving/maximizing/maintaining your appearance? There are the obvious returns of increased self-confidence and compliments from friends and family. There is also a less obvious benefit, which involves staying competitive in the workplace. Many of our patients invest in themselves for this reason, either to help them in their existing job or to look better at job interviews.

Whether we like it or not, or want to admit it or not, it’s a fact that appearance does influence the way that we are perceived. Fortunately, we now have an array of user-friendly options to help us age gently and gracefully, and to continue looking our best at every age.

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Bethesda Dermatologist