A Better Vitamin C for the Skin


We need Vitamin C in a number of ways, but as far as the skin is concerned, we require it to help with collagen production, provide support for blood vessels, and allow Vitamin E and A work more efficiently.

Since we have lost the ability to manufacture it, we must consume it either in our foods or by supplements.

While regular Vitamin C, ascorbic acid is good, it is water soluble and therefore does not hang around in the system as well as its sister, Ascorbyl palmitate. Ascorbyl palmitate is an esterified version of ascorbic acid, in which a palm oil and fatty acid molecule, is hitched up to the regular ascorbic acid. This esterification process has nothing to do with Ester C, so do not be misled.

This variation causes the Vitamin C to be more fat soluble. It is more stable, stays around longer, and can better insinuate itself into cell membranes and protect them. Its anti-oxidant activilty is also more powerful than plain Vitamin C.

So, when you are looking for ingredients in a skin care product, see which Vitamin C preparation the makers are using, whether ascorbic acid or ascorbyl palmitate. It makes a big difference.

Article by
Virginia Beach Dermatologist