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The ProFractional laser resurfacing treatment claims to improve skin tone, acne scars, and discoloration. LEARN MORE ›

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Good for Face, Not So Much for Neck and Chest - Sydney, Australia

I had a light treatment of Sciton ProFractional to my face and neck, followed by a series of three treatments to my chest. With my face and neck, I had it on Friday and was back at work on Tuesday. It hurt pretty badly during the procedure but was only a bit uncomfortable after. My face looked... READ MORE

Huge Disappointment All for Nothing - Boulder, CO

I had five treatments over a year's time.. It was very painful but tolerable. After five treatments I can see absolutely no improvement whatsoever! I had small capillaries on my face and they are still there. READ MORE

ProFractional Laser for Acne Scars - Kansas

I paid 700 to have only my cheek area done it is day 7 I am still really red and somewhat swollen. And under all that redness are my acne scars. I was told it would smooth my scaring but all it did was make my face red and swollen and the scars are still there. There isnt even a slight... READ MORE

Is my Face Going to Look This Way Forever? - Washington

I went in on Tuesday January 10th 2012 (9 days ago) for a profraction laser resurfacing under my eyes. I was very excited about the procedure because it was explained to me ad a simple procedure with 4-5 days down time. Well I learned very quickly that is not the case. The procedure was not... READ MORE

Profractional Laser with Micro Peel - Texas

I work at a facility that has a "brand name" laser. I had a Profractional with Micro peel on top about 2 or 3years ago, then followed with just a micro peel last winter. I am fair complected with freckles and blonde hair (the type that needs to stay out of the sun). I do heal normally... READ MORE

Like It, but Will Not Repeat It - Denver, CO

I had my Pro Fract about almost 4 weeks ago, it was very uncomfortable and beauty before pain right? Well it wasn't painful,but very uncomfortable and tolerable if you can handle injectables. My skin was pretty much red the first day, and 3 days after I looked normal as along as I had... READ MORE

ProFractional Laser - No Help for Acne Scars - Manhattan, NY

I had sciton microlaser and profractional laser 6 months ago (February 2011) to treat acne scarring and lines around my mouth and eyes. Although my dermatologist said that the benefits occur over time I have not seen any improvement. Quite the opposite. I have faint track marks all over my... READ MORE

Acnescarbegone - Syracuse, NY

I'm 33 y.o. African- American woman who has had bad acne scars for years on my face, especially around the temple area and cheeks. I just had my first ProFractional laser treatment done. It did sting but only for a litte while. I think next time I might put more numbing cream on and leave it... READ MORE

Micro Laser Peel/Profractional Laser with Coag - Wichita, KS

This was the most horrible experiance. The pain was horrific. It has been a month and under my eyes are still red. I feel very fortunate at least make-up covers them up. I did not get the results that I expected. This was a waist of money. I feel I made a huge mistake well it has been 4... READ MORE

No Results for Acne Scars; BIG Waste of $$ - Northern Michigan

I have quite deep acne scarring on my face, and especially my cheeks. I went to a dermatologist who told me she couldn't do anything for me in her office, but suggested I find a doctor who specializes in the profractional laser as she had heard many great things about it. I found a cosmetic... READ MORE

Be Prepared for Recovery After Treatment - Maple Grove, MN

My background: I am 37 years old, however a lot of people commented that I don't look my age. Some people thought that I was around 30 years old. I attribute it to the fact that I never used tanning beds, never smoked and I started using anti-aging creams since I was 25 (the first time I was... READ MORE

Totally Worth It! - Kansas City, MO

I've had acne scars for 6+ years now. After having a full face plaining in Sept. 2008 I got great results, however it is very invasive, more painful than child birth and the down time is 4-6 weeks. It was horrible. Results were great but my skin still wasn't where I wanted it. So my... READ MORE

Definitely Worth It! - Georgia

I had profractional treatment done in January 2010 for acne scarring and facial sagging. I had a full face and neck treatment. The procedure was mildly painful and I left feeling like I had a bad sunburn. My recovery time was about 4 days. I began noticing results within the 1st month but... READ MORE

The Sciton Laser Treatment - Berkeley

Sciton Laser Profraction - Resurfacing- Whole face. this is the eleventh day after treatment and I am ablolutely thrilled. I have no more wrinkles around my mouth, chin and eyes. My skin is so smooth now. I recommend taking some time off from work so you can stay home when you have this... READ MORE

Do Your Research on Procedure, Clinic, and Expectaions - Mendota Heights, MN

Just got done with my first treatment and was so grateful I didn't let myself be influenced by all the negative reviews. I'm 39 and this is part of my plan of attack on the aging of my face. My goal is to 'erase' the minimal crows feet that are starting then eventually use botox... READ MORE

Profractional Laser Horrible Results - Peoria, IL

I decided to get laser resurfacing because of all the sun damage i had on my skin. I am only 29 and now my skin looks 39. Its lost volume in the cheeks, my hypo pigmentation is worse and i have a dent in my cheek. I believe my doctor had the laser set to high, I even heard a loud pop come from... READ MORE

MicroLaser Peel and ProFractional - The Real Story-Oakbrook Terrace, IL

Had the MicroLaserPeel and ProFractional. Excellent procedure and I had great results. There is no possibility that you can lose muscle with this procedure. It doesn't go that deep. I wish with these reviews the people who actually write them are educated about the procedure being... READ MORE

Terrible! Not Worth the Pain!

I did this to see a tightening of then skin and for fresher looking skin. It has been six weeks and if anything I look worse. It looks like I was punched in both eyes and my skin is blotchy. Worse on one side than the other. My one eye lid is droopy and people actually ask me if I am tired. I... READ MORE

My Skin Looks Wonderful - Smoother, Less Pores, Wrinkle-free

Profractional is a laser skin resurfacing treatment. The results are fabulous. I tried the Microlaser Peel last year and it was painful, but the profractional procedure hurt considerably less. The procedure itself was moderately painful in some spots. I used the numbing cream, but the areas... READ MORE

Treatment to Smooth Skin

I had 4 treatments of the Profractional laser for a smoother surface. I did not notice any results until the very end and only minimally. I have had light peels with no downtime that I felt were more beneficial not worth the $ or time. READ MORE

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