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ProFractional laser resurfacing treatment  claims to improve skin tone, acne scars, and discoloration. LEARN MORE ›

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I've had acne scars for 6+ years now. After having a full face plaining in Sept. 2008 I got great results, however it is very invasive, more painful than child birth and the down time is 4-6 weeks. It was horrible. Results were great but my skin still wasn't where I wanted it. So my... READ MORE

I had profractional treatment done in January 2010 for acne scarring and facial sagging. I had a full face and neck treatment. The procedure was mildly painful and I left feeling like I had a bad sunburn. My recovery time was about 4 days. I began noticing results within the 1st month but... READ MORE

Just got done with my first treatment and was so grateful I didn't let myself be influenced by all the negative reviews. I'm 39 and this is part of my plan of attack on the aging of my face. My goal is to 'erase' the minimal crows feet that are starting then eventually use botox... READ MORE

I decided to get laser resurfacing because of all the sun damage i had on my skin. I am only 29 and now my skin looks 39. Its lost volume in the cheeks, my hypo pigmentation is worse and i have a dent in my cheek. I believe my doctor had the laser set to high, I even heard a loud pop come from... READ MORE

Had the MicroLaserPeel and ProFractional. Excellent procedure and I had great results. There is no possibility that you can lose muscle with this procedure. It doesn't go that deep. I wish with these reviews the people who actually write them are educated about the procedure being... READ MORE

I did this to see a tightening of then skin and for fresher looking skin. It has been six weeks and if anything I look worse. It looks like I was punched in both eyes and my skin is blotchy. Worse on one side than the other. My one eye lid is droopy and people actually ask me if I am tired. I... READ MORE

Profractional is a laser skin resurfacing treatment. The results are fabulous. I tried the Microlaser Peel last year and it was painful, but the profractional procedure hurt considerably less. The procedure itself was moderately painful in some spots. I used the numbing cream, but the areas... READ MORE

I had 4 treatments of the Profractional laser for a smoother surface. I did not notice any results until the very end and only minimally. I have had light peels with no downtime that I felt were more beneficial not worth the $ or time. READ MORE

Just got done with my full-face co2 laser this morning. The pain was minimal to moderate (around the nose and eyes), but bearable. Also had this done on the backs of my hands.The nurse and the laser tech had both had the procedure a week ago and their skin looks great with barely any sign of... READ MORE

Nine years ago (at 43), I had a C02 laser peel. The results were exceptional. It is amazing how this laser can remove deep wrinkles from the face and as a result leave youthful new skin!!! Down time was 10 days before back to work. My face was still red but it somewhat covered up with makeup.... READ MORE

I had laser under my eyes and my skin is very thin, Consequently the doctor did only two passes. The result is a slight indentation that is identical to the scarred area. Already thin, my skin looks fragile and even thinner. If anything the wrinkles are more pronounced by the skin damage. I... READ MORE

I had the treatment to firm up baggy skin and make my skin look fresh again. I was told I would be uncomfortable for only the first day and the second day I would feel and look like I just had a wind burn.My face is swollen, bumpy and very red and I don't dare go out in public - it's been over... READ MORE

Downtime: was told 3 days, took 7 days before I'd leave houseHoping to improve chin, loss of muscle around chin. My pores look larger, skin tone is now uneven, very spotty.I had a Micro Laser Peel and Profractional Laser two weeks ago. Not happy with the results, pores seem larger, skin tone... READ MORE

It is very hard to describe any pros at the moment as I am only 6 days post treatment and have been suffering terribly from a rash on the left side of my face. The right side has peeled and looks good.I had a profractional treatment 6 days ago. A pure light laser was used with 125 depth and... READ MORE

I had never had any treatments like these before and overall my experience with the ProFrac/Microlaser peel was ok - I say ok only because it scared the crap out of me, it was loud, it smelled bad, and some of it was painful despite having numbing cream & injections. I was given atavan (sp?)... READ MORE

Pros-rounder face, facial lines diminishedI had it done for many things such as scars, discoloration, acneCons-holes in my face, more scars, some The scars and the skin texture is much worse, looks like holes burned from laserI had a Profractonal done 4 times. The last one was the strongest,... READ MORE

I'm a 52 year female. One year ago I decided to "freshen up" my skin with a profractional after reading all about it on line, and talking to a doctor. My skin was pretty nice, and I wish I had left well enough alone. Dr. gave me 3 choices, light, medium or heavy treatment. I... READ MORE

The profractional laser really did very little for my acne scars. I had two treatments and saw very little if any improvement in the scars. I was told 3 to 4 treatments should improve the scars. After the two treatments I already had, I doubt I would be blown away by two more. The pain of the... READ MORE

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How much does a ProFractional Laser treatment cost?

The typical cost for a ProFractional Laser treatment ranges from $500-$1,000 with an average cost of $1,050. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 68 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more