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The ProFractional laser resurfacing treatment claims to improve skin tone, acne scars, and discoloration. LEARN MORE ›

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Amazing doctor

Dr. Robertson treated my acne scars, I had one ablative treatment of profractional laser and a bunch of subcision treatments. The results I noticed were suppose to be 5-10% improvement so he was very realistic with me about the results. He took the time to listen and made sure I was offered the... READ MORE

A New Perked-Up Face at 72!

My experience with Dr. Burgmeier and his expert team has been wonderful!!! I just had a laser face treatment plus filler around my eyes and jaw and feel so happy to have my face perked up and transformed--at age 72!!! It's never too late to get that beauty boost! The laser treatment I chose for... READ MORE

Dr. Vick is the real deal!

Dr. Vick is ALWAYS friendly, considerate, professional, thoughtful, honest, caring and I could go on and on! I trust that any service I have with Dr. Vick will be done properly. I have been going to Dr. Vick for about seven years now and will continue to see him for as long as he practices... READ MORE

I had a wonderful experience!

Wonderful, caring Doctor and a Team that consists of a great PA and Esthetician the whole staff is wonderful! I interviewed three different Plastic and Dermatology doctors. I felt more comfortable here. They have the latest techniques and products and really care about their patients. READ MORE

53 and Great Results with Profractional Laser

Had this done on a Friday. Immediately after you face is red and there are blood spots everywhere. Hustle up inside! Settle down for two days. Next morning my face was a scabby mess but after I washed it it was just super red, like sunburned. Face was swollen for two days, but I went shopping on... READ MORE

Cynthia Woods made the experience outstanding!

Outstanding...his entire office is on top of things, so ethical and genuinely want to help you not just sell a procedure. Cynthia Woods was amazing. After pro fractional she and I were in contact several times a day..really felt I was in the best of hands. Highly recommend this group of... READ MORE

So Far, Much Easier Than Expected

I had Sciton pro fractional done yesterday, and was very nervous. Have had older versions of scar correction in the past, and they were really tough. So far, this has been great. I was told they were doing a very aggressive version, and I did end up red as a tomato afterward. But the... READ MORE

MicroLaser Peel with ProFractional Best Wrinkle Remover Solution Ever!

Dr. Khattab is the best, he is truly honest and prices are within reason, some places for the same procedure using older laser machines charge so much more. I'm on my third MicroLaser Peel. In 2015 I had 10 microns, in 2016 20 microns, and this Wednesday I'll have 30 microns with ProFractional.... READ MORE

Profractional and MLP on neck/chest after MLP on face

I just wanted to give everyone an idea of my recovery since I know everyone is different. Also, I can find a lot of reviews on the face but hardly any comparing the recovery of the face to the chest and/or neck. I'm 49 and have good skin (never smoke and regular use of SPF) but still had... READ MORE

Dr. Johns and Staff are True Professionals - Greensburg, PA

In 2014 I had a very poorly done biopsy on the tip of my nose. This biopsy was performed by a dermatologist in Murrysville who reveled in the fact that he has more than 30 years of experience. The procedure was to be routine and was specifically stated by said Doctor NOT to leave me with a... READ MORE

Awesome job with my acne scars - Montreal, QC

Outstanding doctor. Had laser for acne scars. He did an amazing job. I did not feel a thing during the laser session. Very nice doctor and down to earth. His teM is excellen as well. Thank you sooo sooo much. READ MORE

Profractional nightmare

Searching for recommendations on treatment for severe damage after profractional laser 2 years ago. Damage is holes covering my entire face that connect and form lines, scar tissue, no oil glands or sweat glands, eye damage my meiobian oil glands below and on eyelids destroyed, loss of pigment... READ MORE

ProFractional Laser Treatment for Dark Spots on Skin. Oakville, ON

I went to see Dr. Shortt after a friend had laser treatment to her face performed by him. After I complimented her on how amazing she looked, she told me she had her skin lasered. Bright, smooth, and firm skin, no dark spots or scars. She looked 10 years younger and it also made her eyes and... READ MORE

Starting to Look "Worn" and Needed a Pick Me Up

After much research looking for a doctor. I consulted with two others before I found NOVA Plastic surgery. I liked their reviews and the products they used. I researched Real Self also. I am kind of a chicken with pain. I didn't have pain like some of the others commented on. I just looked... READ MORE

Skin Resurfacing - Tucson, AZ

Since my neck/facelift with Dr Maloney in 2015, I have been going to Vanessa regularly for BBL, pro-fractional and micropeel treatments, and I am so happy with the results every time, that I have to write this review. First of all, Vanessa is absolutely wonderful! One of the sweetest and most... READ MORE

60 Years Old

I wanted to look more refreshed and have smoother skin. The procedure was a little more painful than I expected, but the doctor made it as comfortable as possible for me. I was very happy with the outcome. My skin looks great and I feel very confident. I will be returning again and I highly... READ MORE

Look 10 Years Younger After Laser Resurfacing - Incline Village, NV

I was really starting to look my age (52) what with all the age spots and spider veins that were showing up on my face. My facial skin was starting to look slack and one of my eyelids was drooping. I work with much younger people so this was a problem for me. I didn't want surgery. I didn't want... READ MORE

Erik Suh and Pri @ Eastside Primary Care / Sub Aesthetics - Bellevue, WA

Deep profractional Lazer to remove acne scaring is truly worth the investment. Results are amazing and Dr Suh and Pri aND the team are utmost professionals educating you and informing you from inquiry thru post procedure. Highly recommend the practice and the procedure . Very patient and... READ MORE

40yr Old Female with Melisma, Hyper Pigmentation, Sun Spots and Freckles - Carmel Valley, CA

Due to my light skin I've had a little sun damage and freckles, but I also have hyperpigmentation and melisma on my forehead due to a hormone therapy since my ovaries were removed when I was young. I've tried other laser's before that actually made my melasma worse and my skin even more... READ MORE

1 Month Post-procedure, Finally Seeing Noticable Results on Pores. - Denver, CO

I had a sciton pro-fractional treatment 5 weeks ago, and I'm beginning to see a positive change. I have to say, I was very skeptical after the procedure that there was any difference. My skin definitely seemed to get worse before it got better. I didn't have any major skin issues, but I do have... READ MORE

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