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Cutera's Pearl laser is used to treat fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage—and it's FDA-approved. LEARN MORE ›

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Not Sure - Battle Creek, MI

I am using the Obagi products in preparation of the pearl fractional procedure coming up. My skin is reacting just as I was told it would. Flaky and a bit sensative(warm). I don't have much discoloration. Fine lines are my concern. I have light skin which seems to be a good thing for this... READ MORE

Crow's Feet - Gone! - Mt. Kisco, NY

Although there is some "downtime' associated with this procedure, it is well worth the wait. It is relatively painless with the topical numbing cream. A small dose of valium goes a long way as well. Be certain to apply the vinegar/water solutions every few hours after the proceudre for about 4... READ MORE

No Pain, No Gain!

I did a combo IPL and Pearl resurfacing & couldn't recommend it more! It TRANSFORMED my skin! I'm a regular IPL patient to erase sun damage on face & neck and the Pearl just felt like a big fat sunburn. Shaye sent me home with face wash & cream & text me daily. Within a week my... READ MORE

Be Careful when Selecting Physician, in Wrong Hands Pearl Can Ruin Your Looks! - South Africa, Pretoria

Be extremely careful when getting Pearl fractional done. I had it done 4 years ago and the grid pattern, although vastly improved, NEVER disappeared completely. Unfortunately my physician (a well known aesthetic practitioner and GP with her own aesthetic practice in one of the wealthy... READ MORE

Pearl Full Face Fusion Gave Me my Face Back& Smile - Cairns, AU

I finished chemo 12 mths ago for breast cancer. After visiting Dr about sun spots fearing skin cancers I asked about laser rather than having bits cut off. He referred me to cosmetic Dr & got an appointment on the day. After discussing what could be done I decide to do the 2 Pearl treatments... READ MORE

Cutera Pearl - Sarasota, FL

What a waste of money. I looked better the first month or two I think because of swelling and now other doctors said it did not do the job it should have on forehead, eyes, around mouth. My doctor said oh sorry it doesn't work on everbody. I have nothing else to say but I feel I should get money... READ MORE

Long Road Back to Normal - Texas

It has now been 6 weeks since my periorbital Pearl Laser resurfacing. I had great skin, but wanted to get rid of dark circles and some crepey skin. I bled and was so swollen that I couldn't see out of one eye. I have had to seek treatment from another physician due to an outbreak of folliculitis... READ MORE

Waiting with Great Expectation - Newport Beach, CA

I recently had Pearl Fractional Laser with IPL Photofacial combo. In 5 days my face looks remarkable. I am a 58 year old P.E. teacher with severe sun damage and extensive premature wrinkling all over my face neck and chest. My chest and neck are taking longer to heal and it is quite painful.(no... READ MORE

Wishing I Never Had - Calgary Alberta, Canada

It has now been a year since i had the pearl laser done, and still NO difference. The procedure was two weeks to go outside, after terrible swelling. I now get blemishes, and cannot go into the sun as i turn beet red. I look older than i did before! A friend had this done after i advised her not... READ MORE

Pearl Done on 28yr Old in Victoria, Australia

I was at my witts end with my skin which caused me to call a company regarding a series of chemical peel treatments, then to be referred onto the Cutera Pearl Laser resurfacing treatment instead. I researched the treatment and found many people were really happy with it, so I went ahead with... READ MORE

Pearl Laser Not Worth It - New South Wales, Australia

I had pearl laser on some wrinkles and its worthless, it's a complete scam! it's good for the first couple of days then the lines just re-appear and the skin goes back to how it was before. It even says on the form that it may not produce any results at all. People were right, it is... READ MORE

Peal Lazer - Calgary, AB

This is so not worth it, i had this done 3 months ago, and see NO difference at all. They said this is the gift that keeps giving, i'd like to know when. I swelled up so bad i was unreconizable, i was scared i would scar. The skin reaks for days, the downtime is not just a few days, i was... READ MORE

Pearl Fractional - Knoxville, TN

I am on day 2 of my second Pearl. My first, with the same doctor was well worth it. He was candid about everything & told me I would likely want one more to achieve the results I wanted. I am 39, have olive, thick skin - mild acne scarring, uneven texture, & large pores. I had... READ MORE

Pearl Cutera Laser - Canada

I have acne scars; not serious but enough that it was noticeable.I had the procedure done almost 2wks ago.I still see the scaring but hope for the best. Only the people that know I got it done seem to make comments on my skin, so it's hard to know if there really is a difference. I will... READ MORE

My Doctor Should Have Been Totally Honest with Me!! - Hawaii

It has been a exactly three weeks since my Pearl Laser treatment, and I look horrible! My face is still red and blotchy and I get stares from people every where I go! A friend of mine asked me if I was suffering from some kind of skin allergy. I am so frustrated and disappointed! I did it to get... READ MORE

Pearl Fractional Laser Around my Eyes

I am 39 years old and had premature wrinkling under my eyes, but also my eyelids were beginning to droop. My doctor told me the Pearl would get rid of the wrinkles and tighten up my eyelids. After my surgery in June, the skin under my eyes never peeled as expected. Doctor wasn't sure why it... READ MORE

Have 2 more sessions to go to see more results - Colombia


Fantastic Results on Sun Damage and Age Spots - Love It

I had my Pearl done 4 weeks ago and I have to say I look ten years younger! I told nobody about my treatment and today I ran into a friend who asked me if I changed my makeup because my skin looked great.It was a long 4 weeks living with the dryness, breakouts and sunburned look but now after... READ MORE

A Tough Choice to Be "Out of Commission" for 4+ Days, but if You Have the Time, It is Worth It!

I spent $600 for my face, and another $600 for my chest. Normal price is $1000 per location.Pro - one treatment and you are done (unlike fraxel, which needs 4)Pro - I can definitely see smoother skin one week laterCon - you are truly "down" for 4 or more days, soaking skin in vinegar... READ MORE

Pearl Procedure: Good to Improve Skin Texture, Tone and Diminish Fine Lines - New Jersey

I am 40 yrs old. I had the traditional Pearl procedure 4 days ago on my entire face. I was pre-medicated with oral Valium, topical numbing cream and injectable lidocaine. Despite the numbing meds, the pain level during the procedure was probably still a 7 on a scale of 1-10. The heat... READ MORE

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