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Cutera's Pearl laser is used to treat fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage—and it's FDA-approved. LEARN MORE ›

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I will post details about my experience throughout the healing process. Today I received my first Pearl Laser Treatment (Cutera) my settings were 2.2 with a 10% overlap (I wrote down everything as I knew I would be adding to social media after). Before the treatment I applied a prescription... READ MORE

This is my third day after surgery - I was suppose to have my entire face -eyelids and neck done. Doc started on the neck and finished one pass and had to stop because the laser machine stopped working properly. So I will go back in a couple of weeks and have the rest done. You only receive a... READ MORE

I am on day 12 and am very unhappy with the results. I'm female, 31, light skinned, do not generally heal well. I had mild-moderate ice pick scars on forehead. I had been obsessing over my face for the past year. Finally got rid of my acne a year ago. I tried 4 chem peels, retin a. Home... READ MORE

Its been l0 days, (pics taken) since i paid 2500 and had pearl fractional laser, 2 passes. did the vinegar soaks,vaseline, never had sluffing, swelling gone, redness gone, but wrinkles r back, prob worse then before on face n neck, skin now feels rough to touch, , called, was told, ur still... READ MORE

There are two Pearl forms, fractional non-fractional. I opted for the non-fractional, which my doctor told me as more appropriate for me. The fractional is more invasive and requires more down-time, but I hear it’s good, too. It just depends on your doctor’s recommendation. I had my pro... READ MORE

This winter I tried fraxel. I really did not see any great change. I was looking to get rid of as many wrinkles as possible. I was told that it would take 3 times to look 10 years younger. my doctor sends out emails whenever the has specials, and yesterday there was a special on pearl so... READ MORE

I got Pearl (non-fractional) laser to improve the texture of my skin including mild orange peel, fine lines and discoloration. A few days after, it looked like it had removed my pigmentation problems on my cheeks but nothing for the texture. Ever since then, my skin has gotten worse and worse.... READ MORE

Hello all, my experience. i am a 55 year old male farmer and have worked outdoors most of my life. i always tried to cover up from the sun but over a lifetime my face was very sun damaged. basically every part of my face had some degree of damage. along with the sun damage were also the... READ MORE

I'm in early sixties and wanted to deal with lines and blotchiness. Cheek area looks great now and it did smooth lines at top of upper lip. But not happy with chin area which was my main concern. It didn't really get rid of lines there and actually they look a bit worse plus now... READ MORE

I am still red and blotchy. My skin areas that were lasered with the Pearl fractional are still rough like sand paper and very red. It will be 2 weeks on Monday the 22 of June when the procedure was done.My skin was already good but I wanted to get rid of the fine lines. I am afraid that my... READ MORE

I have today had a pearl fractional laser treatment. As I was extremely nervous about the whole thing, the practitioner recommended that we go for a low setting to start with. She took some blood from my arm while the numbing cream was working and then the blood was spun to retrieve the... READ MORE

I am 54 and have always had good skin. I used retin-A through the years with good results. Since I intend to have a face lift in a year, I was doing this to get my skin in optimal shape beforehand. Also, I was starting to develop lines above my upper lip and had a couple of faint scars that I... READ MORE

Dr. Biesman and his wonderful staff have been my go-to for all things for my skincare for years. I've always wanted to stay ahead of the aging process and Dr. Biesman and his wonderful staff have helped me do just that. They have wonderful suggestions that are very investment efficient. ... READ MORE

Had wrinkles on my chest,I wanted to get rid of. I still have the wrinkles and now red blotchy skin.And when I get upset or drink a glass of wine it gets worse. It has been one year.I want to know what can I use to make it go away.I use emu oil and it seems to clear it, only temporary. When I... READ MORE

Here's my story: I was ill for a very long time, gained 80 lbs and the skin on my face was blotchy, dull, and just looked unhealthy. By 2010, I had recovered from my illness, lost over 60 lbs, but still the skin on my face wasn't bouncing back like the rest of me. I decided to have... READ MORE

Wow, I went to see him about a laser procedure that went wrong with another doctor to get his advice (since he has the same laser in his office) and he took one look at me and said I can't help you. I am so glad that I didn't have anything done! I just saw him on GMA-he was sued by a woman... READ MORE

I experienced an adverse event with my laser tx. Dr. Rousso was reassuring that the issue would resolve with time, which is happening. He let me know that this issue happens in 20 percent of patients which was also comforting. Everyone in the office is wonderfully available when I have needed to... READ MORE

I do not know why there are so many negative reviews; I've had several different treatments to remove my acne scarring (range of chemical peels, microdermabrasion, IPL laser, microroller) and this worked the best BY A LONG SHOT. Perhaps the cons are because it is a VERY painful procesdure and... READ MORE

I am using the Obagi products in preparation of the pearl fractional procedure coming up. My skin is reacting just as I was told it would. Flaky and a bit sensative(warm). I don't have much discoloration. Fine lines are my concern. I have light skin which seems to be a good thing for this... READ MORE

Although there is some "downtime' associated with this procedure, it is well worth the wait. It is relatively painless with the topical numbing cream. A small dose of valium goes a long way as well. Be certain to apply the vinegar/water solutions every few hours after the proceudre for about 4... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Pearl Laser ranges from $800-$6,000 with an average cost of $1,450. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 64 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more