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MiXto is a laser skin resurfacing therapy for the face, neck, chest, hands and arms, regardless of skin type. The manufacturer claims better results in less time than competing treatments, with less discomfort, downtime and cost. LEARN MORE ›

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I am in my late fifties - Waiting for Results - New York, NY

I am in my late fifties and wanted to rejuvenate my skin and face without plastic surgery. The dermotologist suggested Mixto fractional laser treatment. I had the treatment yesterday, so far the pain has been minimal and my face is a bit sore however the stories of unbearable pain, I feel,... READ MORE

Mixto Worked Better on Acne Scars Than Fraxel Refine

It is day 6 since the procedure. I have researched every possible laser, subcission technique, etc for decreasing acne scars, and decided Mixto SX was the one that fit my needs. One year ago I had 3 sessions of Fraxel Re:fine for $2,250, which showed no improvement in my skin. Now I have... READ MORE

Second Laser Treatment in Short Time for Acne Scars

I had my first treatment of fractional co2 laser, two weeks ago, for acne scars on my face and the doctor did double treatment of laser on my right cheek Five days after, i came back to doctor's office and she asked me like i felt and I said to her I was not happy because I still had the same... READ MORE

Mixto SX on Hands for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

I had Mixto SX performed on my hands to dimish fine lines and wrinkles. It's three day post-procedure and I did not peel. The redness on my hand (especially the right hand)has faded to a light pink. At this point, I do not believe I will ever peel. It's more like a sunburn that is fading. ... READ MORE

Mixto Better Than Fraxel Repair on Lower Face, Except for the Cystic Acne

I had fraxel repair one year ago. I liked the results--softer lines, smaller pores, scars almost gone, texture much better but felt another treatment would be ideal. Unfortunately the cost ($5000.00) was more than I could justify right now. The opportunity to have the Mixto treatment presented... READ MORE

I had Mixto laser resurfacing two days ago - So Far So Good - Tucson, AZ

I had Mixto laser resurfacing two days ago to help improve the appearance of my acne scaring and so far everything is going pretty much according to what the doctor said would happen.It was a little more painful in some areas than what I expected but I guess that's different for everyone, for me... READ MORE

Short Recovery Time but No Results

I had this treatment done because I have very large pores on my cheeks and forehead. The treatment was painful and my face continued to burn up to about an hour after it was done. I was given a paracetamol and a cooling gel after the treatment. My face was crusty, red and peeling up to 5 days... READ MORE

Love the Mixto

I did this procedure, it was painless, easy and within 7 days was working without anyone knowing that I had the Mixto laser done. I tell everyone about it and I have yet to see a bad result. I can tell you it is an excellent machine and the Dr. that does it in south Fl is excellent. KK READ MORE

Love Results from Mixto Laser

I had mixto done on my entire face several months ago. The results are awesome. My skin is so smooth and sun damage has been diminished. It hurt a little bit but was definately tolerable. It felt like a severe sunburn for about 3 hours but then it was fine. The peeling part was not too much... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation After Mixto Laser Treatment

Hi, I have passed the Mixto laser treatment 4 week ago. I had treated the whole face. Treatment was not comfortable, took 30 minutes. But I survived it - if one wants to be beautiful.... I had acne scars, mainly on my cheeks.The healing process was normal, without any problems. There were very... READ MORE

Rash from Mixto

I just had the mixto laser. On day 6 (yesterday) I woke up with a little red bumps all over my forehead, on the treated area. The physician's assistant said it looked like dermatitis, which I have never had before. She gave me a corticosteroid. They don't itch, though. Any ideas on what this... READ MORE

More Painful Than I Thought It Would Be..what a Relief Afterwards:-) First Day Though

Had my Mixto fractal CO2 laser today. OUCH what was it painful. Not at the beginning, later and especially near the eyes and above the lip. One thing I found very difficult to handle is when the cold air is blown up your nose, you get a panick feeling because you have difficulties breathing.... READ MORE

I Really See Great Results with the MIXTO Treatment

I was under treatment for wrinkles and acne scars, you can see my pics (under request). It was increible, just one week and now I look fantastic. I think that the results depend not just in the laser, is an experienced physician the one that can give you the confidence and efectivness. READ MORE

Still Have Wrinkles

I had some minor wrinkles above my lip and had mixto laser and restilyne injections. I'm 5 days past the treatment and I still have wrinkles that did not go away. The texture is still rough and I'm still peeling a little and redness. I expected better results than this. Should I get more filler... READ MORE

Looking Good So Far!

I am 4 days out from my procdure and am about half way through the peeling process. The skin underneath is very red, but most definitly smoother! I had 2 areas of dark spots on either cheek, both are completely gone along with some upper lip wrinkles. My face felt so tight today I had to put... READ MORE

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