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MiXto is a laser skin resurfacing therapy for the face, neck, chest, hands and arms, regardless of skin type. The manufacturer claims better results in less time than competing treatments, with less discomfort, downtime and cost. LEARN MORE ›

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Mixto, Subscision, W/ Sculptra Soon! - Los Angeles, CA

I will be getting treatment for my acne scars soon! I had my consultation about 2 months ago and the doctor offered me Venus Viva for 2k or Mixto for 4K. He said the Venus would take 3-4 treatments and mixto only 1, and if I decided to come back for a touch up it would be 1k each. He was so nice... READ MORE

Please Read This Prior to ANY Laser Procedure, Especially MIXTO - Nashville, TN

I am a 31 year old, previously very happy professional that is scarred for life. Please read this review prior to doing anything drastic to yourself that you will regret for a lifetime. I was a dentist and I knew that I was going to residency for the next few years. I had some fine lines... READ MORE

Mixto Resurfacing. Nashville, TN

My experience with Dr. Melissa Toyos and her staff was professional and caring. Time was spent on what to expect and what not to expect. There was no hard sale but just honest information. Although there was some anxiety, the procedure went quite well. By using the numbing cream and a... READ MORE

51 Year Old Use to Getting Botox, Fillers, with Great Skin Care Regimen: Damaged by Laser? Frederick, MD

It is from June 15 the to today, August 2, 2015, that I am supposedly healing from the Mixto Laser. OMG, what have I allowed myself to get talked into! I was not at all prepared for the severity of the pain, regardless of chronic pain I suffer with from an accident. The aftercare regime did not... READ MORE

Pacific Islander Waited a Year to See Results. Nashville, TN

As a Pacific Islander I didn't think Mixto CO2 laser rejuvenation was for my dark pigment skin. I waited and continued to see other peoples results and then I had a conversation with my friend Dr. Melissa Toyos in Nashville. She assured me that dark pigment patients have done well and I will be... READ MORE

Mixto Laser Results, 65 Yrs - Nashville, TN

I have attached some photos from having the Mixto Laser procedure done on June 12th. I wasn';t ready for the pain. Even though I had numbing crème on my face & taken valium, it was still very painful. Once the procedure was completed, It was like having a very bad sunburn for several days. I ... READ MORE

Acne Scars Almost None Existant Now! - Solana Beach, CA

I have to say I am very happy with the end result of my Mixto treatment. I have had acne scars and now at 30 years old I had just had enough, I was so over it and I kept getting comparisons to Kevin Spacey and I am not even kidding. Anyways I am much happier than I could have imagined I would be... READ MORE

Mixto - Encinitas, CA

As an Esthetician I have seen may patients in our office have the mixto procedure. I have wanted to do this for a year. Finally have some time to devote to staying indoors for a few days. Nikki at Just Skin inc performed this virtually painless procedure. It was never more than a 4 on a pain... READ MORE

MiXto Waste of Time & Money. Singapore, SG

After reading good reviews i've tried mixto. Just after the peeling, the texture was great but 1 day later everything goes back to normal ... zero percent improvement: treatments like this are to make doctors rich & patients poor and disappointed. Don't waste your time & money!!!!!!! The... READ MORE

MiXto Laser - Not Even my Finest Wrinkles or Scars Gone - Ellicott City, MD

The procedure itself was a bit painful, even with the numbing gel and pain killer used beforehand. I didn't opt for the heaviest setting - I could barely handle the "normal" setting at the end of the treatment. The pain lasted only through the night, so towards the next morning I could barely... READ MORE

Wrinkles-b-gone - Encinitas, CA

My daughter, niece and sister had MixTo so I decided to also. It was fast and my only problem was that I did not eat properly before procedure so going home I threw up in car from car sickness. My daughter said eat protein but I had a bagel and cream cheese. Not a good idea. I love the results.... READ MORE

29y/I Female Acne Scar Removal - Los Angeles, CA

So the day finally came!!! I arrived a half an hour late , (thanks to the infamous Los Angeles traffic) thankfully Dr. Rahimi and his wonderful assistant Beth were gracious enough to overlook this and greeted me with a warm and calming welcome. I was given medication to help ease my anxiety and... READ MORE

MiXto Sx Laser - Fabulous - Encinitas, CA

I wanted to "rejuvenate" my skin, and MiXto was the answer. The fine lines and blotchy brown spots needed to be erased. Also my upper lip was very wrinkled, as well as my neck. (it was worth the extra cost to do both at one time!) I'm happy with the results, and so is my husband. :-) All of my... READ MORE

Mixto Laser CO2 Made a Big Change in Acne Scars, Will Do It Again! - Midland, TX

I had awful ACNE scars. Mixto Laser co2 made a big change in them, they were so deep, it changed them to about 50%-60%. No pain at all on the first day, the rest of the days it was very mild on a scale from 1-10 (10 would be the worst) I say the pain was number 2 maybe 3. What makes this... READ MORE

I'm Really, Really Happy with my Mixto Results for Blotchy Face and Hands - El Cerrito, CA

As a formerly super-freckled kid with large pores (my dermatologist told me they're like large feet...you either have 'em or you don't!), I was noticing some real blotchiness on my face and hands at age 57. I had dark sun spots, thinning skin and prominent veins on my hands and my... READ MORE

Mixto-so far so good

I have hated my skin for years...some minor scarring from acne, some fine lines under my eyes and on my forehead...blotchiness. I have lived in California all of my life and wasn't very good about avoiding the sun. I am 45 years old and felt like I needed a little pick me up. Based on all of... READ MORE

Best Surgeon/Dermatologist- Mixto Laser -Los Angeles, CA

I always have been self conscious of the texture of my skin.. always felt not as normal and just "sooo lucky" enough to have pitted scarring. Its been a long battle.. first with acne.. 3 times of Accutane, numerous 'picks' and chemical peels from expensive dermatologists. Even once paying... READ MORE

Full Face MiXto Fractional Laser for Skin Rejuvenation - Virginia Beach, VA

Well I had min done yesterday morning. Even though I had the numbing cream, 2pain pills Valium and nerve block I found it very painful on some areas but the doctor reduced the laser to make it more bearable. Immediately after I had little discomfort. Zero pain or heat after a few hours. I... READ MORE

Mixto Laser on Asian Skin for Acne Scars - Los Angeles, CA

I am an Asian with acne scars, which makes my condition particularly tricky to treat with lasers. I was doing Lux 1540, but I will be heading back into school this fall and, thus, will have much less time for treatments, thus I wanted to try something faster. As such, I turned to the Mixto... READ MORE

Mixto SX Laser Horrible Results

Mixto C02 laser is looking like a HUGE waste of money so far and my poor eyes feel shot. I am33-years-old and look pretty young to many people. MY problem I wanted fixed was mild acne scar pitting on my cheeks--nothing TOO BAD--but it took a kick at my confidence. I also had melasma above my... READ MORE

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