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Mesotherapy is a series of chemical injections that are intended to target fat deposits, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and tighten sagging skin, especially on the neck. It is not approved by the FDA, and several medical organizations caution against the procedure. LEARN MORE ›

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Scarred For Life

I went to a skin specialist specifically for laser treatment and a skin peel to minimize the effects of scars and stretchmarks I incurred as a result of a medical condition that resulted in surgery. Dr. talked me into mesoptherapy as a pre treatment before getting the laser and skin peel. What... READ MORE

My hair started falling out in clumps - Hated the Experience - Bangalore, IN

My doctor said that I wsa suffering from hair loss due to genetics and lack of nutrition. Hence, adviced me with Mesotherapy. I guess he had added Minoxidil also to it. When I was under the treatment my hair grew thick and looked very healthy. But after 3 months of the tretment (6 sittings)I got... READ MORE

Meso is a Painful Waste of Money

I had 4 treatments to date. Injections to my tummy area. All four were painful at the time and it took two days each time for the pain and discomfort to go away. I had adverse reactions to the injections. I was nauseous and had very bad tummycramps for 2-3 days after each session and saw no... READ MORE

Absolutely NOT Worth the $ - San Antonio, TX

I spent $250 to get a few areas injected and it did absolutely nothing after the two weeks. I lost no weight lbs. at all and even if I'm a little smaller in those areas, it is because of the low carb diet, and NOT the injections. I totally stuck to my low carb diet, and I usually lose lbs. with... READ MORE

I had my stomach and arms done. - Well Worth It! - Chicago, IL

I had my stomach and arms done. I have gone for two treatments now and feel the results have been great. They would be even better if I hadn't had a sweet tooth craving around the times of treatment. The second roll I had developed over the last two years is almost gone and my big football... READ MORE

Mesotherapy? Not Worth the $$.

I had purchase a "package" of 4 teatments on love-handles and 4 treatments on abdomen, I had 4 treatments done on me abdomen and saw no results. Long story short, very painful, uncomfortable and you are swollen for a week afterwards. I couldn't even pick up my toddler for a week because of the... READ MORE

Mesotherapy for Hairloss

Im a woman & have been losing my hair for about 8 years, I am now 38.  After several years of asking my doctor what she advised and her repeatedly telling me "Mesotherapy will grow the hair back" I tried it. I asked her specifically, "Any chance this will make more hair... READ MORE

Little Results, Much Pain

I had several mesotherapy injections on my thighs a couple of years ago for my "horrible" cellulite. I even had liposuction a few years earlier. The doctor told me on the day of my surgery that liposuction does NOT help the appearance of cellulite. Nice to know when you are standing there with... READ MORE

Over-hyped Mesothearpy

Mesotherapy is quite over hyped. I got those million injections ijjected into my thighs and belly hoping that the cellulite will make its way out. Hell no! It is still there and as strong as ever. I wasted all the money. I dont care much about weight loss in inches as i am not really overweight.... READ MORE

Meso Therapy for Under Eye Circles

Hi I had meso injections for under my eyes dec 2006.  I only have had my eyes done once. The Dr doing it said I needed 3 or 4 sessions to see any improvement. Now My bags seem more pronounced and I have wrinkles where the bags are. Should I go through the remainder of the sessions or stop... READ MORE

No Weight Loss After Mesotherapy

I have seen so weight loss on me after mesotherapy.  I have a lot of cellulite on my hips and my thighs. So much so that i can not wear shorts without my dimples showing all over the back of my thighs. After reading several reviews, i opted for mesotherapy as well but so far it... READ MORE

Waste of Time and Money....

1st thing the doctor in woodstock ga did explain the entire procedure. sounded great just what I was looking for and needed. Each syringe has many shots I received many.....@ 1,400.00 total. I was so disappointed, there was no change at all. I waited and waited nothing. I called them and they... READ MORE

Maybe ?

I had mesotherapy as a rejuvenating treatment for the face and neck. I was told that I'd need more than one treatment for more firming on the neck. I really didn't see a big change in the neck, though my friends told me my skin looked great...but then they said it always does! I probably... READ MORE

Not Worth It! I weighed 128 pounds, 5'5". After treatment I weighed 145+ - Maple grove, MN

I started with my stomach, that seem to have gone well. So, I had my outer thighs done (hip fat). I had a double treatment done. I was told I would see results in 6-8 weeks. It has now been over 6 months. The numbness is now almost gone. (This means it was injected into the muscle or meso... READ MORE

I noticed no improvement at all - Not Worth It - San Diego, CA

I had three mesotherapy appointments over the course of two months to reduce my saddlebags. I noticed no improvement at all. The swelling and hard nodules from the injection sites even made my legs look temporarily worse. I could feel the hard round lumps/nodules for the next two or more... READ MORE

My Experience As I Go Through the Process

I rated the procedure "Yes! It's worth it!" thus far. I am not sure yet if the procedure has worked or not. Target Area: Love Handles Starting Measurement: 32.5” Price per Procedure: $350 Day 1 (Friday) – Procedure Day Changed my clothes at work into yoga pants and liberally app... READ MORE

Not Worth It.

I had 11 treatments and had 0 results. Just lighten my pocket book. READ MORE

One Year On, I Still Have Lumpy Thighs

I had 2 treatments (was supposed to get 12) and had a terrible reaction. I'm not allergic to soy (I am lactose intollerant so use soy all the time); not super sensitive, have had other surgery and procedures and have been fine. Here is what happened: - produced under-the-skin lumps that, 1... READ MORE

Mesotherapy Blunder

I had mesotherapy done on my lower lids to rid myself of bags. The fact of the matter is they are worse and my vision is very sensitive. I want to reach out to other women and say please don't do this it makes things worse not better. It is even banned in Brazil. Please don't do this to... READ MORE

Mesotheraphy - Orlando, FL

I had mesotheraphy on my stomach and after 3 sessions, I seriously could not take it anymore. I did not have any results. Even though I have 4 children, I am fairly thin 112 pounds but do have a small belly. After the first session, I was sore, red, and swollen for a few days. My 2nd session... READ MORE

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