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Mesotherapy is a series of chemical injections that are intended to target fat deposits, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and tighten sagging skin, especially on the neck. It is not approved by the FDA, and several medical organizations caution against the procedure. LEARN MORE ›

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Mesotherapy and Botox Does Hurt

My weight is 115, wow she is thin how lucky. Well, no I'm not because I have a 36 inch waist. So I did the Mesotherapy yesterday and this was very painful. Didn't like the experience at all. Today 05/01/2009 I'm still in pain and bruised all over. Hopefully this works. READ MORE

It Doesn't Work and Very Painful

I tried 6 treatments of mesotherapy along with 4 treatments of Triactive about 2 years ago. The pain was awful even with the numbing cream. The worst part was about 4 hours later. You get really bad bruising and swelling to where you can't even sit. That might be worth it if it did it's job but... READ MORE

Mesotherapy Made Me Look Worst

I had read that small amounts of fat could be melted with Mesotherapy. I had a very small double chin I wanted to get rid of. After applying some numbing cream, the RN pulled the fat under my chin and injected this meso. I don't know which hurt more, the injection or her pulling my fat so much... READ MORE

Needles Didn't Hurt but the Swelling and Stuff Does

I'm not an overweight person, I just have those stubborn love handles that I cannot get rid of. So far I have seen little result, I am only on my 2nd week and I have faith and really think the outcome is going to work. The process doesn't really hurt just the swelling and burning... READ MORE

Painful but Worth It

I had it done to my legs and the only cons were the constant pricking during the procedure and the pain and nausea after it. However after just one treatment I can see a change in my legs. I am definitely going back. The thing not understood by some people that the doctor explained to me is... READ MORE

Meso on Face

I went for a mesoreduce treatment on my face... I am always vain and always never satisfied with my facial shape.  Boy it hurts during the injections. I had like at least 30 injections on each side... you can imagine how painful I had to endure throughout the whole process, but I was... READ MORE

What the Heck Did I Get Myself into ?

After months of research, I decided to go for Mesotherapy instead of SmartLipo. The thought of a surgical procedure was just a bit too much, even though most of what I've heard regarding the procedure has been good. My entire life I have been dealing with larger arms. I'm very fit, workout... READ MORE

On My Second Treatment

Well I just had my second treatment done. It is way painful so I do dread the sessions but I have so far not seen the small knots or scarring that I am reading about here on the other reviews. That kinda scares me. If you want to know what the pain is like it starts off a little uncomfortable... READ MORE


I am 24 years old and I exercise 5 days a week. I watch my diet and I am very healthy. I wanted to lose that little bit of belly fat that I couldn't seem to burn off. They told me that I could attend my exercise class the next day with no problem, so I thought no big deal. Well, when I got home... READ MORE

Mesotherapy, a Costly, Painful Waste

I chose to try Mesotherapy as an adjunct to liposuction. I was told it could smooth out some rough areas and was like liposuction without the incision or pain, "just a little discomfort and swelling." What a crock!!! The first procedure (1/5) was very uncomfortable. The initial... READ MORE

It has been eight months since i had mesotherapy. - Not Worth the Money - Woodstock, GA

It has been eight months since i had mesotherapy. I received eight vials in one day which is too many. A valuable lesson i learned that day is you need assistance when putting on your "compression garmet". I did not get help because i did not realize i needed it. So when i bent over... READ MORE

Results Will Never Make Up for the Bad Experience I Have Had

I had mesotherapy in October, November & December last year. There was a fair amount of bruising, but I knew that this could happen. In January I developed very painful lumps with purple bruising around the areas I had the injections.(Hips and tummy) By February I was concerned as they were... READ MORE

Meso Not for Sagging Undereyes

I asked the dr. if sagging undereyes (vs. bags) could be treated with meso, k nowing that the meso targets fat. He told me it would work because the meso would cause irritation and the sagging would contract. He was wrong, because the meso solution ate a hole in the top npart of the apple of... READ MORE

1st Treatment - The pain was very bearable! - Baton Rouge, LA

I had my 1st meso treatment on July 1,08 for reduction on cellulite to the thighs. The pain was very bearable! It's been a week today, I'm still bruised but no pain. The bruises are fading but I think they'll be gone by my next treatment which is next week. I'm taking Arnica for the bruising.... READ MORE


Had my 1st treatment 3 weeks ago & it was EXTREMELY painful. The needles were tolerable although they did hurt, but a couple of hours after tx, I had flu-like symptoms & legs (had front & back of thighs done) were so painful it hurt to sit down. Could not return to work that day... READ MORE

Helping Me

I am in mid treatment and this is the only thing that has helped me fight the stubborn bulges, despite diet and exercise. I am doing the needless meso and it takes time, but after the third time, I began to see the difference. You have to save your money due to the expense, but I like it... READ MORE

A Waste, No Results!!!

5 months after my liposuction, I was left with rippling and lumpiness in the belly area. Rather than do a touch-up procedure, the doctor recommended mesotherapy, which was provided on the house. (I can't say for certain what the doctor's fee normally would be.) Three procedures later, there... READ MORE

No Noticable Improvement - Long Periods of Painful Swelling

Top clinic in Hollywood performed mesotherapy. Treatment produced long periods of swelling every time over about 6 weeks. The 'numbing cream' applied prior to each treatment barely worked but was charged at $100. Once swelling subsided (I was swollen and looked very large [fat] in knee area for... READ MORE

Scarred For Life

I went to a skin specialist specifically for laser treatment and a skin peel to minimize the effects of scars and stretchmarks I incurred as a result of a medical condition that resulted in surgery. Dr. talked me into mesoptherapy as a pre treatment before getting the laser and skin peel. What... READ MORE

My hair started falling out in clumps - Hated the Experience - Bangalore, IN

My doctor said that I wsa suffering from hair loss due to genetics and lack of nutrition. Hence, adviced me with Mesotherapy. I guess he had added Minoxidil also to it. When I was under the treatment my hair grew thick and looked very healthy. But after 3 months of the tretment (6 sittings)I got... READ MORE

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