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Keeping Fingers Crossed!!

If you click on my CoolSculpting review you will see how my abdomen was left deformed by a procedure I thought was completely safe. Little did I know that years (and many thousands of dollars) later...I'd still be searching for a way to make it better. To try to even out the divot and... READ MORE

At-home Derma Rolling Treatment -A+

I'm in my late thirties, with combination skin, starting to get a lot of deep set wrinkles. I've never had injections or professional mesotherapy, afraid to not look like me. I guess you could say I'm waiting as long as possible to do it. After reading a ton of press and some positive reviews... READ MORE

Review of Surface Paris Home Mesotherapy Treatment

I heard about mesotherapy a long time ago but was rather sceptical. Because I paid for many expensive treatments before and they ended up not working. So I did not want to waste my money again. While researching on mesotherapy, I came across Surface Paris home mesotherapy treatment. For the... READ MORE

Needle Less Medjet Mesotherapy Scarred Me for Life - South Africa, ZA

I decided to review mesotherapy using medjet and simildiet serums for cellulite reduction. The treatments went well. 2 treatments spaced weekly. One week after the second treatment the areas of treatment started swelling. I contacted Lerika from Deksny since she was the main trainer for Medjet... READ MORE

Extreme Bruising, Swelling, and Pain After Mesotherapy - Macomb, MI

I was not immediately nformed this was not FDA approved, nor would they tell me what concoction they were injecting into my skin. They also did not properly warned me about the side effects afterwards. I was only told there could be mild to moderate discomfort for approximately one day... READ MORE

34 Years Old 3 Kids - Norcross, GA

I had my first meso session on the 13th of may after one treatment I saw results. I had the second session on the 20th and I am seeing results. I'm scheduled to have 2 more sessions hoping to get rid of my love handles. The first session I had no bruising or swelling the second session I had a... READ MORE

22 Years Old, Was Once Fat and Lost Weight but with Flabby Inner Thigh

I decided to do this after a long while. this is not something for those who wanta to loose a lot of Weight. and rhis procedure should only be done by a doctor. I decided to get jab because I just can't seem to loose those pocket fat. I eat clean, I train with a trainer. I llift weight and do... READ MORE

How Mesotherapy Ruined My Life. My Story. - Englewood, NJ

* cost and doctor remain anonymous and I have put generic information into those fieldsMy name is Carolynn and this is my story. About 2 years ago, I made a bad decision. Calling it a bad decision in an understatement; as it changed my life forever. My life was going well. My body was in pretty... READ MORE

Going in Tomorrow for Meso on Chin - Draper, UT

I am 5'4 and 138 pounds. I cant lose my double chin though ( darn genetics) I am a little worried after reading some reviews but I don't swell easy, I am not obese so loose skin will not be an issue.. I will post my before and after phots later! well. today was the day. Injections did... READ MORE

Terrible - Miami, FL

Hello everyone! I recently posted an article about a successful microdermabration i had done in my face after dealing with a severe acne. I was feeling pretty lucky! My luck ended, while in Miami I went to get a Mesotherapy treatment after many years of wanting to do it, I've seen... READ MORE

Mesotherapy in - Toronto

I have to admit, at some times it tickled, but others it hurt. It's much like laser hair removal for its similarity in pain. I am very fit and work out six days per week and eat very clean protein and veggies. For some reason, I suffer from superficial cellulite, which keeps me from feeling... READ MORE

Worst Thing I Have Ever Done !!!!

The shots were more painful than I had anticipated. Went home that night iced my legs and the swelling began. It was so painful and hard to move my legs. Then in the morning open lesions began forming at the injection sites. Called the doctor, they said to give it time, but I stopped by the... READ MORE

Mesotherapy Hair Loss

I am three months into my mesotherapy course for hair loss and the results are amazing! I am a 28 year old female and unfortunately, I tend to react to stress by shedding hair. I have tried every hair loss treatment available (inc minoxidil for 8 years) and nothing helped until now. I actually... READ MORE

Concerns about operation

Dr. Jones was very personable and patient as he explained my surgery to me. He is so informative as well as resourceful. We need more doctors that are approachable. He made me feel like he cares not just for me but all of his patients. READ MORE

32 Y/o Looking for Rejuvenation - Los Angeles, CA

By the time I hit 30 my skin craved for hydration.I have always looked after it and tried everything but nothing seemed to work as the ultimate moisturizing factor.So, I decided to get meso on the face(not expectng miracles,to be honest,as doctors keep promising but the result is usually... READ MORE

49 Year Old LOVES Mesotherapy!

Of all the non-surgical procedures to improve the face, mesotherapy has improved my jawline the most. My jawline is clearly thinner and chipmonk cheeks are disappearing. With age my face has become fuller, and mesotherapy allows you to pinpoint those areas that need fat reduction. Mesotherapy is... READ MORE

Horrible Decision. Eagan, MN

I chose mesotherapy as a way to reduce fat and cellulite in my thighs. I am not overweight, so I wanted something minimally invasive, and this seemed like a good choice. I trusted the doctor, and felt comfortable when he recommended mesotherapy. I was told that my results weren't guaranteed, and... READ MORE

Wanted to Loss Belly Fat. Arlington, TX

I had 10 treatments of Mesotherapy, at first I thought it was great. The nurse who did the injections told me that i would get knots and that massaging them out would get rid of them... Wrong. to this day I have knots and sometimes they will feel like rocks in my abdomen and my stomach would... READ MORE

This is Sooo Interesting and Cannot Believe It Totally Worked

I am 120 lbs 5'6" with a few trouble spots. I had conventional mesotherapy with the needle injections - wow, it really did work. OK the needles were painful as I was being stabbed but I took a pain pill twenty minutes before the session which helped. I did it five or six times and it was... READ MORE

Pre Cancer Spot - Malabar, FL

I have been a patient of Water's edge Dermatology for three years. They are very thorough and professional with their examinations. Everything is explained to the patient and any other concerns are addressed immediately. The staff is extremely knowledgable and i would not hesitate to recommend... READ MORE

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