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Melasma is a discoloration—marked by brown spots and uneven pigmentation—commonly found on the face. Treatment options include chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser, IPL, and more. LEARN MORE â€ş

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I had laser treatment for melasma. I am really not sure what the laser was called, but the doctor said it was to treat melasma. I have brown spots on my cheeks from not wearing sunscreen. I'm a medium skin tone in between type 3 and 4. Getting the laser treatment was not painful at all. It... READ MORE

I have had melassma for 4 years. Will start on Triluma. Hydroquinone 4% did not work-made it worse. READ MORE

I have the melasma mustache and melasma across my whole forehead. I received the laser treatment yesterday. First she applied a numbing creme on my face and I waited for 45 minutes for it to sink in. She did 3 passes with the laser, the 3rd pass hurt but was not unbearable. It felt like... READ MORE

I've been using a mix of hydroquinine plus retin a cream for three weeks on my melasma, applying it every night, and it works great. No sensitivity either, some mild flaking but using a scrub cleanser in the morning helps. READ MORE

I went to a very reputable dematologist in LA for a consultation for mild melasma and brown/red acne scars. I think the melasma was caused by a series of glygolic peels I did with not using the proper sun protection (stupid mistake). My Dr. told me that my condition is not bad enough to warrant... READ MORE

Had Lumenis fractional co2 laser performed on Ja. 8, 2011. I have melasma on my upper lip and cheeks. I was at an oral surgeon appointment, when his nurse noticed my brown spots. I researched and decided to have him do the co2 laser resurfacing after three consults with him. I was assured it was... READ MORE

I just had a test spot done on my forehead for melasma. If all tuns out well I will be doing a combo of IPL and Pearl the same day. There was not very much pain and I did not have any numbing cream or meds and there was no after pain at all. This looks promising so far, guess Ill see in 5 days... READ MORE

Here is my experience so far. This was done in West Orange New Jersey at a plastic surgeons office. It was $845.00.(Everything in N.J. is ridiculously expensive!) I had my Melanage peel 7 days ago.I am 40 years old caucasion with decent light skin with some olive undertones (tan easily) (not... READ MORE

I did the Fraxel SR750 four years ago and it spread my melasma all over my face and added PIH. After 4 years of unsuccessfully trying to fix the damage, I feel permanently scarred and disfigured and I filed a lawsuit against them. READ MORE

I personally have severe melasma from living in the caribbean and tried bleaching creams, but never really stuck to skin regimen. I tried Fraxel and did 4 treatments, at $750 per treatment. It was painful, but the pain was quick and I got great results on my melasma. However, the freckles came... READ MORE

It's been four days since I opted to have Fraxel Dual (1927) on my face for stubborn melasma. I am truly amazed - although I have to say I was a nervous wreck before hand because of all the unhappy people who have tried Fraxel. My colleague recommended her doctor, who did Fraxel on her... READ MORE

I am 42, with generally great, super-pale skin. Just a few fine lines, and some mottling due to melasma (on cheeks, and temple), plus some very minor redness on my chin and nose, and a couple scars. Fraxel Re:Store was presented as some great Fix-All way to address these concerns. I paid 3 grand... READ MORE

I had cosmelan treatment 4 months ago.i am asian skin more of jennifer lopez skin color. at first it worked wonderfully on my melasma. they disappeared in a months time. i am religiously using my cosmelan2 twice a day for 3 months then to once a day application at night time. i am using... READ MORE

Had Active FX yesterday for melasma (hyperpigmentation in my face). Relatively pain free, just a little uncomfortable, the smell and air in my face were most bothersome part. My eyes are very swollen, and any discomfort I have is confined to my eyes. Controlled with a couple ibuprofen. Cold... READ MORE

I had 3 Pearl laser treatments done on my face for melasma. It ruined my face. Not only did it not clear up my melasma but it made it worse. It scarred my face as well. It also got infected and I had to spend a week in the hospital as well. I am now left with my face in far worse condition,... READ MORE

I feel I have to leave a review, because I live in Brazil, I looked my doctor on the site (Fraxel's) and after making my first appointment, I found this site, and went into serious doubts...For some reason, and after many many questions, I decided to go ahead. I cannot tell yet about results... READ MORE

Treatment has many benefits, but was very painful. My reason was to rid myself of the sun damage spots on my face, described as melasma by my doctor, which were continuing to get worse every year. I use SPF 60 daily, but am very active outside year round. If it works, it was worth it,... READ MORE

I am happy with the IPL laser. It is really taking away my dark spots and freckles on my face. I will not however take away my melasma which is why I also am using the Triluma cream. I recently had IPL and am now using Triluma cream for the treatment of Melasma. Can I continue to take my... READ MORE

I had 3 fraxel treatments a year ago to treat moderate/severe melasma. The inital results were very good and I was very happy, almost all of the melasma was gone. But here it is a year later and the melasma is back and actually looks worse. I use sunscreen and stay out of the sun as directed... READ MORE

After a single layer TCA peel for melasma/hyperpigmentation, my skin looked great for only a few weeks, while I was still healing. After 12 weeks, I see only a minor improvement in my melasma, with some lightening of the darker spots. 90% of the hyperpigmentation has returned, only slightly... READ MORE

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