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Melasma is a discoloration—marked by brown spots and uneven pigmentation—commonly found on the face. Treatment options include chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser, IPL, and more. LEARN MORE ›

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30 Years Old, Melasma/hyper Pigmentation Treatment - Roseville, MN

I had developed a little melasma around my eyes and upper lip during the pregnancy of my third child. It didn't go away. This was my second Mini Melanage peel. I will continue getting this peel once or twice a year for maintenance. The before picture was also before my Dysport for crows feet... READ MORE

41 Years Old, Finally I Found Something That Worked on Melasma

Ive made other posts, but had trouble getting my pics to show up si I'm posting again...I've used everything in the past 20 years...retinol, tazorac, hydroquinone, kojoic acid..ugh..oh and grapeseed extract...I've also done countless peels and nothing really worked on the ugly melasma. Then I... READ MORE

42 Stubborn Melasma Finally - Aventura, FL

After spending tons of money in expensive and useless products and trying many natural treatments. Finally I found this doctor who prescribed me HQRA + 7% and heliocare pills and after less than a month my skin looks amazing. I want to share with all this woman suffering this horrible skin problem. READ MORE

Vi Peel is Not "Painless" Like They Claim! Houston, TX

I am 25 years old, I have never been pregnant, and have not taken birth control or any hormones for over 5 years. About one year ago I developed melasma out of nowhere. After numerous consults and research I had 2 Vi Peels done and they were awful. My face was infected and painful (see photos... READ MORE

I Never Thought I'd Actually Be Able to Cure my Melasma - Vancouver, BC

I'm a 35 year old Korean woman who's had problems with pigmentation my whole life- though in the past few years, my dark spots have definitely become more pronounced. I consulted with a doctor who confirmed my worst suspicions- that I did in fact have melasma. She said melasma is technically... READ MORE

Melanage Peel and Alexandrite Laser for Brown Spots - Houston, TX

I am still not sure how i feel about this, I had it done 4 weeks ago and I have encountered complications. All of my brown spots are gone, but about 2 weeks after I developed hundreds of blackheads all over my chin, forehead and nose. I am still treating this, so the final outcome on the... READ MORE

Laser Failure - United Kingdom

After much research of various clinics etc, I booked an appoinment to have my melasma looked at to see if laser treatment would help. I felt very reassured by clinic, after my initial assessment I was told their was a very good chance that the laser treatment could really improve my melasma... READ MORE

Obagi NuDerm Review - Concord, MA

I tried the Obagi NuDerm line (purchased from a plastic surgeon based on his recommendation) to correct hyper and hypo pigmentation brought about by the c02 laser. In addition to the pigment problems, I also had texture issues (enlarged pores, orange peel texture) induced by the dreaded laser -... READ MORE

Woman with Sun Brown Spots

Worst care ever, Not only do they have M.A's who have no idea what they are doing but they make you feel like you are in a factory. There is no compassion in any of the care they give and they make sure you know its just about the money. Advanced Dermatology is the worst company out there. I... READ MORE

Natural aid for fighting melasma

Well my melasma started 6 years ago, I had no idea what it was. I just thought it was patches of sun damage, until one trip to India and it was disgusting... all down the sides of my cheeks and forehead... I was utterly miserable, this is when the research started I thought the malaria tablets... READ MORE

Melasma battle

I developed melasma about three years ago when I was 36. My skin has always been great,no problems really but after a wax ( upper lip) and a glycolic peel treatment and venturing out I to the sun I was left with a melasma moustache and a splodge of pigmentation running from my forehead down my... READ MORE

Tri-Luma for Dermal Melasma - Poor Results

Used Tri-Luma for about 4 months in total. Used every night on face & neck to treat melasma for first 3 months. It bleached the unaffected areas and the pigmentation faded very little. The patches on my cheeks are still the same, borders are unchanged. It did break the superficial... READ MORE

Melasma Treatment over the Counter

Hi All, So i have melasma on my face mostly cheeks and bad on my upper cheek bones under my eyes . I of course hate it . I bought ROC retinol correxion MAX wrinkle resurfacing system at CVS for 29.95 and they currently have buy one get second one for 50% off so I bought two boxes . I used this... READ MORE

Treatment for Severe Melasma

I have had Melasma for approximately 20 years and had given up on trying to find a safe and effective treatment. I also have Lupus and am photosensitive which made both diagnosis and treatment particularly difficult, so I had to be very careful to ensure that I had a medical specialist treat the... READ MORE

Trying a Very Strange Concoction - Orlando, FL

Hi ladies, Im new here...I ran across this site in search for a cure/solution or even improvement of my melasma. I developed melasma after my second pregnancy. At first it was very light but after I moved to Florida (lived in Chicago) my melasma became very dark. I've spent so much money in... READ MORE

Q-Switch N-yag Laser for Melasma. Los Angeles, CA

Hello everyone, I felt I needed to post my results for those of you who have melasma for several years. I'm 48 yr old Filipino w/Spanish heritage. People tell me I don't look Asian. Just to give you an idea of my skin tone. I have dry skin especially around my cheek area. I use a chemical... READ MORE

Dr. Urato Wayland , I Had a Very Bad Experience. Sudbury, MA

I had the IPL fraxel. $500. That experience was totally traumatizing. My face was disfigured. My family was very concerned. It took 8 hours of icing, and 10 days to return to normal. However my brown spots never improve and I developed new ones. My impression of Dr. Uratu is that she is... READ MORE

Dr. Steven Schlesinger's Melasma Cream - Maui, HI

Dr. Schlesinger's melasma cream is a miracle in a tube! I've been trying everything for years to lighten the embarrassing melasma on my cheeks, spending thousands of dollars on treatments, herbs, vitamins and potions. NOTHING worked until I started using Dr. Schlesinger's melasma cream, it has... READ MORE

Very Good Service. San Antonio, TX

I suffered with melasma during pregnancy and was almost hopeless to get rid of it until I found out about The Face and Body Place and the services they had to offer.I was very pleased and satisfied with the treatment I received from The Face and Body Place. My skin is healthier and my skin... READ MORE

Combination of Melasma & Adult Acne - Gone in 3 Months / Only 3 Laser Sessions - Brisbane, AU

I am 34 years old and I suffered with the combination of melasma and adult acne. My melasma has been ongoing for years, and the adult acne just surfaced in mid 2015. No matter how much makeup I used to cover this up, it was still visible, and without makeup my confidence was low. My best friend... READ MORE

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