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36 Years Old First Fractional Laser - Glendora, CA

I am seeking to combat some minor skin laxity I'm experiencing in my neck. For my face I want to do preventative maintenance, combat minor lines at nasiolabial fold, and get an overall fresher look. I will update my experience as I go. Currently I'm sitting in the dr. office with numbing creme... READ MORE

Palomar Lux 1540 for Acne Scars 36yr Old - Bonita Springs, FL

I have just scheduled my appointment for the Palomar Lux 1540 for acne scars. I wanted to document the journey and see what kind of changes may happen and give detailed accounts of my experience. I've never had any type of treatment for my acne scars this will be my first experience. I went... READ MORE

Cynosure Icon 1540 for Acne Scars - Brighton, Michigan

This is the best laser on the market for acne scars & enlarged pores. 5 treatments have completely resurfaced my skin by improving acne scars, enlarged pores, tone and uneven texture. I have been maintaining my results with professional skincare products, peels, microderms, & dermaplaning... READ MORE

54 Yo Female, Starlux 1540 Experience, Will Update Regularly - Tucson, AZ

My skin tone is uneven with much sun damage, brown spots, red spots, little capillaries, wrinkles, esp. crowsfeet, liplines from smoking; I have thin skin on my bony nose, and the start of jowls on each side of my cheeks at the jawline. I may post photos in the future; right now, I simply wanted... READ MORE

Never Again....... - Boston, MA

I bought a package of ematrix at a medspa and they offered me a complimentary upgrade to their new Palomar 1540 laser due to a customer service issue. (I listed 250 as price as that was price to upgrade from cheeks only to full face). Big mistake. I had good results with ematrix and should have... READ MORE

Second Treatment Complete for Rolling Acne Scars and Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation - Canada

Fraxelated laser was recommended to me a few years ago by a dermatologist and was told it would be perfect for me. I have rolling scars that are 20 years old and still red. Thought about it lots and decided to try this procedure at age 33, I am caucasian too in case anyone is wondering. Had... READ MORE

Waiting for Results, 2 Treatments Done - Bellevue, WA

I'd like to say first of all that sites like these are a real help when you are trying to decide on a procedure that may or may not benefit you in the long run. I research everything on anything that I'm about to purchase or invest in. I like to take a pre-emptive stance on most things so not to... READ MORE

Melasma Treatment - Illinois

I just had the treatment today, so this review is currently reserved for commenting on pain/downtime. Here are a few pertinent facts: My skin: very fair, burns easily in the sun Age: 37 Gender: female Hair color on face: invisible Treated for melasma all over face (about the color of light... READ MORE

Palomar Starlux 1540 - WIP

I just had the Starlux treatment yesterday so the jury is still out but just wanted to comment on my experience so far... I went in and did have a numbing cream applied although I think I have a higher than normal tolerance for pain. I indicated this and probably in about a half hour we... READ MORE

20 Yrs Old, Laser, Microneedling, and Chemical Peels for Icepick/boxcar Scars - Decatur, IL

My journey to removing my acne scars has been a long, emotional, but so far rewarding process. A wave of major depression and anxiety in summer of 2015 left me with horrible cystic breakouts that turned into scarring on the contour lines of my cheekbones. The scars depressed me so much that I... READ MORE

Palomar Fractional Causes Fat Loss, Thyroid Damage - Shawnee, KS

I suffered facial fat atrophy starting within a few weeks of getting this treatment. It ruined my face! I was pretty and self-confident before and looked much younger than I am. I suffered psychologically from this treatment in ways you can't even imagine. My thyroid stopped working, I had... READ MORE

Forgot About my Neck Until--yikes~Ontario, CA

I've taken pretty good care of my facial skin and don't really have too many wrinkles but my neck--oh, my god, my neck--Why didn't I use sunscreen? Anyway, I'm not adverse to some sort of surgery but I'd rather see if I can get improvements with other procedures. I had my first 1540 treatment on... READ MORE

57 Year Old - Chicago, IL

My skin got worse. I have indentations, bumps and uneven skin. It helped with wrinkles and skin elasticity, at the cost of uneven skin. I had 3 treatments, but did not continue after the 3rd treatment. My doctor recommended 4. Why bother? Now I need to have another procedure to resurface my skin... READ MORE

25 Acne Scars the Palomar Icon 1540 Saved my Face - Windham, NH

I did fraxel dual with 1927nm and 1550 mm once and it was 1000$ ... The. I switched to their competitor the palomar 1540. I've had 15 treatments in the last 3 years. My skin would look cratered if my wasn't for this laser. It hunk the efficacy of fraxel dual and palomar are equal but obviously... READ MORE

38 - Boston, MA

Hi there, I'm getting my first procedure done from Boston dermatology (BU) by a highly qualified dermatologist on the 7 of October 2014 . Extremely nervous ! At the age of 24 I had the onset of adult acne :( still dealing with it . Up until recently I barely had scars . Unfortunately I now have... READ MORE

Permanently Damaged my Skin (Fat Loss) and Caused Hyper Pigmentation - San Francisco, CA

I had "Fraxel" done to reduce some brown spots on my face, which I had developed over the years despite consistent use of sun blockers. Weeks after the first treatment I noticed lines appear on my face (marionette, forehead, eyes). When I reported this to the clinic I was told that this was... READ MORE

Palomar Laser Treatment for Old Acne Scarring - Durban North, South Africa

I was very nervous about my first appointment today, especially the downtime, but after years of putting up with acne scarring, pitted, rolling etc and pigmentation recently caused by the pill, i decided to do it! I chose a reputable dermatologist and took half an anxiety pill beforehand! First... READ MORE

Palomar Lux 1540 Stretch Mark Removal - Mountain View, CA

I am a black male that waited for years for my stretch marks on my back to cure themselves. When that never happened I decided to do some research and find my own solution. I ended up on this website and after reading about a dozen reviews decided to give it a try. I made an appointment in San... READ MORE

Palomar Lux1540 for Stretchmarks - San Jose, CA

I've been researching ways of getting rid of my Stretchmarks for years and finally decided to give it try. I paid $2000 for a 5 session package in northern California. I just completed my 3rd session and can say that I'm seeing good results. My Stretchmarks are on my calves (back of legs) and... READ MORE

Horrible Palomar Lux 1540 Treatment - Bellevue, WA

I consulted with Dr. Chiu about addressing some scarring I have on my forehead and she recommended a series of treatments with the Palomar Lux 1540 Fractional laser. I completed three treatments with the last having been performed a little over a year ago. Since then I've not only seen very... READ MORE

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