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Liposonix is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that uses high-intensity ultrasound energy. LEARN MORE ›

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I am a fit mom who couldn't get rid of a tiny bit of muffin top. After having babies- it just didnt hang the same-I decided to give liposonix a try. I am SO glad I did! The differance is incredible. My flanxs are smooth and there is NO bulge anymore. The process was painful but 100% worth it. So... READ MORE

I had the liposonix done on my lower abdomen 4 months ago and lost approximatley 2-3 inches in my lower abdomen. I did not have my upper abdomen done at that time because I have a lapband and there was some question if I could have the procedure done on that area. I had the procedure done on my... READ MORE

That was 2 hours of complete torture. Even with 1.0 mg of Xanax and 2 7.5/325mg of Hydrocodone and Acetominophen it was horrible. I was crying my eyes out and asking them to stop. It felt like I was being repeatedly prodded with a branding iron. The bruising and pain were horrible. I couldn't... READ MORE

I am 4 days post procedure for my abdomen and love handles. I took Xanax and Percocet. The procedure was painful at times but tolerable. I iced my abdomen that evening and the following day. I do have small bruising in my lower abdomen and slightly on my upper abdomen. I have two small bruises... READ MORE

I'm super active and I have fat on my lower stomach that won't go away. So liposonix will be my best option to get rid of it. I just got it done. I'm actually seating at the doctors office as I write. Great experience. It didn't hurt at all because I took pain medicine. Now... READ MORE

I also went to Dr. Johnson's office in Dallas. I booked a cruise over Spring Break, and though I felt like I was in shape, my lovehandles would always poof out. I heard about Liposonix from a segment Dr. Johnson did on Good Morning Texas. The idea of killing my fat cells without surgery... READ MORE

I never could lose the "pooch" I developed over the last 10 years. I exercised and watched what I ate. I even went vegan for 3 months! I lost weight but the lower body fat just stubbornly would never go away. I didn't think anything would ever make a difference. I decided to... READ MORE

I had Liposonix April 11. They only Hydrocodone to give me but before hand I had told them I was allergic to hydrocodone. So they didn't offer me pain killers! I had taken a Tramadol before I got there and after the first pass I got up off the table and I took another Tramadol! It was the... READ MORE

Dr. Natalie Daniels had a woman in the room with her. My consultation was not private and I felt like I was under a microscope!! The procedure was done in a hurry and inefficiently. The results of the procedure were very, very minimal. This is a very expensive procedure and you want results. ... READ MORE

New to this trying to get n touch with dr.Yily just need to get a quote I need numbers and email address please. ......thanks!!! Been looking on this site for a while now seen some of yilys work and said 2 myself ....Damn shes a beast I need her n my life ...see im 33 and have 3 kids my body... READ MORE

Wants to look better and that is why I start looking out for non-invasive treatment as I do not want to have a drastic change like Liposuction. Treatment was almost pain free for me and I didn't even consume any painkillers beforehand. Have currently saw reduction of 1 inch and will be going... READ MORE

I wanted the fat under my chin removed as i had it there since i was a child (genetic and wont go away with diet or exercise) and also my love handles that have not gone away. Anyway, I went to a "spa" and wasnt described what was all happening, like what sort of laser was being used, what my... READ MORE

Waste of money, lots of pain. For me, it was counter-effective. The procedure itself was very painful. After procedure pain was pretty strong for a week. It slowly diminished within a few weeks, however the treated area stayed very sensitive for a few months. Bruising was scary to look at, and... READ MORE

I had this done on 4 areas. Took :15 minutes and very painful. No anti anxiety or pain medicine was given. The needle like burning is very hard to tolerate. I would not do this again without some medication. Previous poster from same clinic got medicine. I hope this was worth it. Right... READ MORE

It's been less than a week but I'm excited to see what results I get after a couple of months--I don't mind waiting because it's better than going through a more invasive procedure--I'd heard the procedure was really painful but you're prescribed a light pain killer so it hurt some --I had my... READ MORE

I'm an active, athletic mother of two who works out four times a week doing crossfit, yoga and running. I also maintain a healthy diet low on carbs and high on protein. Despite this strict diet and regular exercise, I could not get rid of the area in the lower part of my abdomen. I wanted to... READ MORE

It has been nine weeks since I had Liposonix on my upper arms and some back fat, and there is absolutely no difference. I was actually told there would be visible results after two weeks. Then I looked at the Liposonix web site, which said that most of the results were seen by 12 weeks, so I... READ MORE

On 10/8/2014, I had coolsculpting done on my upper and lower abdomen. It was a breeze. Sore and uncomfortable, but definitely manageable. On 10/10/2014, I went back for Liposonix, 2 areas right outer thighs; 2 areas left outer thighs, 1 area R inner thigh, and 1 area L inner thigh. Boy oh boy,... READ MORE

I just started out with 3 "squares" to see if it would work on stubborn lower belly fat. I'm 5 feet tall and 110 lbs. It did absolutely nothing!!!! Save your money. It did hurt a little bit but it really wasn't that bad. She told me it was going to take 3 months to really see the full effects. I... READ MORE

The procedure was performed in a professional yet caring manner. After the procedure, clothes fit better in the waist and hips, and I have dropped at least one size since the procedure last year . I am delighted with the results and would recommend this office and the procedure to anyone... READ MORE

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