Facial Reconstructive Surgery

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Facial reconstructive surgery is performed to restore facial features that have been disfigured or damaged by abnormal development, trauma, or other medical procedures.
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I'm an extremely healthy and active 47 year old mother of two. In August of 2015 I was hit by a car while cycling on a family vacation. My jaw was broken and my lips, mouth and chin were torn. Dr. Ruhani reconstructed my torn lips, tears inside my mouth and chin and under my nose and on my forehead. READ MORE

My motivation was to change the shape of my face. I did a couple of things all at the same time, I did a hairline change, forehead implant, cheek implants, cheek bone altering, shaving of the jawbone, chin implant. I believe the surgery was worth it, I am still in the process of healing but I... READ MORE

I always thought my facial line wasn't smooth and have big cheekbone ever since when I was young, then For first I started research about the plastic surgery center in malaysia, thailand, singapore first then I started search about the plastic surgery center in U.S. and South Korea who I really... READ MORE

I got bit by put bill in face on right side of cheek near mouth. I had to have stitches and it looked really bad with all these scars. I went to Dr Dickerson for plastic surgery and it looked better. I had a couple of laser surgeries and I'm very happy with the outome. You can barely see... READ MORE

I've wanted to have a more feminine nose because my bulbous, large nose due to getting it from my father, cause me to look more masculine. Along with the fat around my jawline and on my neck, makes me look "extra fat" and makes me look shorter. I don't think i look "ugly". I just think these... READ MORE

After getting over the initial shock of a cancer diagnosis, my wife and I worried about the long term prognosis and potential disfigurement of surgical removal from such a prominent locations on my face. Thanks to Dr. Archibald's knowledge and skill, I am cancer free and have no noticeable... READ MORE

After having my face destroyed by Celebration Cosmetics in Orlando ... I didn't want to live or couldn't model anymore! Dr. Richard Maloney was the only Dr. I found to understand and take my case! Dr Richard Maloney out of everybody in the country has d latest technique not only to lift the... READ MORE

Had the knot for years and it was becoming more prominent to me and others. I was considering a surgeon in VA who said it would be cash out of pocket and I live in NC. I submitted an interest form online and Dr. Surowitz office told me they could do it quickly, easy and they would take my BCBS... READ MORE

I had a stage 1 melanoma on the end of my nose which had to be "aggressively" removed to ensure full recovery. This required extensive surgery, removing the skin from much of my nose, which then required extensive reconstruction. Dr. Harry Wright did a brilliant job and I am very pleased with... READ MORE

I realized that I could change my body by exercise & healthy eating but could not change the aging look of my face. Being married to a "younger" man, I wanted to look more refreshed and feel more confident. I gained not only my self confidence back but my self esteem as well. This surgery... READ MORE

I would love to look normal again. It's been 38 yrs too long and I pray Dr. Lee can come up with as painless a procedure as possible. I don't know how anyone is gonna react but I'm hoping to "get my groove back". It's can be hard sometimes walking into a room and all eyes are on you because... READ MORE

I was in a severe car accident, and his expertise had outstanding results after! Excellent with eye lift, and, facial surgery!! I had broken left side of face. Four implants , laser after. I healed wonderfully!! Then in recent years continue with facial treatments for post op care! And, still do... READ MORE

I had two other Dr. Work on me.. Finally found Dr Thompson... Wish so bad he would have been the Dr in the Emergency room night of the Accident!!!!! He saw that the procedure from the last Dr was not working so he took it upon himself to find something would work!!! He is doing it slow so there... READ MORE

South korea i picked up an ad online and went there to do an operation. I saw the doctor for one min. In consulation hour i only saw an assistant the doctor i saw one minute then i was dragged to the operation room. During the operation room. I felt dying. I saw myself out of my body, lying on... READ MORE

I needed emergency work done on my lips and face because a dog bit it off, Dr.Michaels was called into the emergency room to work on me. Multiple times I had to go back to the hospital for shots and every doctor said he did an excellent job lining everything. It's been 1 year and you can't tell... READ MORE

I was an acid attack victim who suffered severe burns in February 2005 and have been undergoing treatment since then...however my faith in God has brought me through all the pain and suffering to a wonderful life once again as I appreciate all the support I got from Dr Raman and others that have... READ MORE

In 1998 at age 14, I was shot through the face by my father. The bullet entered through my carotid artery and exited though the opposing cheek shattering the bone. In 2011, I was introduced to Dr. Hazani through an organization called the R.O.S.E Fund to have my cheek repaired. I'm a... READ MORE

I had a Dermal Filler injected in my Nasal Labial Folds. No real education was really given to the consumer and it started growing granulomas in my face. It took me seeing a few doctors, before we could get to the bottom of what it could be as this permanent filler was new on the market . After... READ MORE

Performed forehead bone reshaping: results are amazing, the whole process is very smooth and transparent. Large amount of bone was removed, some of it was reshaped and put back. This way not only sinus size was reduced, but also brow bone on the sides and along orbits was made smoother... READ MORE

Dr. Hooman Khorasani - Miracle Worker On July 5, 2012, I received a call from my dermatologist telling me that a biopsy on my nose had come back indicating squamous cell cancer. Twenty years ago, I had cancer in the same place on my nose and Mohs surgery was performed. It was scary but not... READ MORE

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