Facial Reconstructive Surgery

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Facial reconstructive surgery is performed to restore facial features that have been disfigured or damaged by abnormal development, trauma, or other medical procedures.
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After reviewing numerous Doctors, Dr. P was my choice for repairing my bad result by a different doctor. I could not be happier! the cost was pricless! Can my left eye be corrected to math my right eye? READ MORE

Dr. Moore labored for 8 hours removing and reconstructing the right side of my face and neck. He removed all the lymph nodes and made sure he did a thorough job. 8 hours of surgery and 170 stitches to get it all. I can't say enough about his beside manner and his skills. I am writing this... READ MORE

As an artist and I really appreciate the passion Dr. Little has for his work. He loves it! For him it really is an art form and he not only has state of the art skill he has that more elusive attribute: talent! I observed this in his interactions, in my results and in the results of others.... READ MORE

Unfortunately almost a year ago (9/2/15) i was assaulted with a baseball bat, i was hit once shattering the whole left side of my face and causing multiple facial/skull fractures accompanied by a bleed on my brain, I was flown from Greeley's NCMC to Swedish Medical Center where after a couple... READ MORE

I was born with a Lymphangioma on my left neck, under my ear. During a routine check up as an adult with a new ENT, the doctor recommended aspirating it to reduce the size. Against my better judgement, I allowed him to do it...unfortunately, he hemorrhaged a blood vessel during the office... READ MORE

I first went to Athenix to get Botox injection to help one side of my face look more symmetricall as the other side of my face. that is when I met Dr Kevin Cireci....Not really ever knowing the true underlining condition I Had he took on look at me and gave me a diagnosis which is something many... READ MORE

In October 2015 I fell and broke my ZMC (zygomaticomaxillary complex) meaning I fractured my cheek bone, the bone above my teeth and the floor of my orbit which holds my eye up. I went directly to the ER after a bad fall and they told my mom and I they did not have anyone on call and we would... READ MORE

I have had two facial in a year. Unfortunately I have new cancers I am not sure of which treatmnt yet. My earlier procedures have improved in appeearance. My DR. was wonderful. I have some scar tissue by tear duct visible, but Dr. did amazing job. My eye as saved and could have lost tar duct.... READ MORE

Where do I start? I originally went to Dr. G to remove a growth from my forehead before my April 2016 wedding. The procedure was an immediate go. (I was sent to dr G from a friend. He did work on her and for several of her family members.) A surgery I had in 2012 left one side of my face... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr. Smith by my ENT. I had a very rare facial nerve tumor on my left cheek that had been there for 5+ years without proper diagnosis. I had seen multiple doctors in the previous years, and no one wanted to touch the tumor because of the risk and technicality of the surgery.... READ MORE

After traumatic injury from an an ATV accident, I had an orbital blow out and multiple face fractures resulting in a need for some pretty serious reconstructive surgery. Dr Guy took my initial phone call on Easter Sunday, going above and beyond to comfort myself and my wife by answering our... READ MORE

I had a very strong dog bite in my left upper lip. Dr. Lampert came to the ER at 3am and meticulously reconstructed my wound. He was very responsive and kind during my follow ups, answered every question I had and spent the necessary time with me during every visit. The results are incredible;... READ MORE

I sort the advice, approach and experience of Dr Pouria Moradi in the correction of my failed Basal cell carcinoma & Squamous cell carcinoma removal of the nose. He explained an aggressive approach (Flap rotation) was needed and that it would not only provide strength but give support which was... READ MORE

When I was 17, I was in a traumatic moped wreck and sustained many injuries that left me paralyzed on my left side. I wasn't able to smile and felt very insecure about it. I met Dr. Delozier 2 years after my accident. He and his staff made me feel completely welcome and comfortable from the... READ MORE

Dr. Ivan Wayne is definitely a genius in my opinion for a lot of reasons and one being that I had a cancer that could conceivably kill me but also leaving me in a pretty deep depression. To have so much removal on my cheek which is the worst place to get cancer. After all the face is the most... READ MORE

I was in a car accident in 1997 and crushed the left side of my face and had 15 fractures in my right side. I was 18 at the time and dr Houston was amazing and linked me with other amazing surgeons to make me hole again. It took 21 facial surgeries to get me back to normal. I lost 3/4 of my... READ MORE

Somehow I immediately felt I was at the right place and put my trust in Dr's Deluca and Tauber. After a traumatizing excision of the basal cell lesion on my nose which was done by another specialist Dr. Tauber offered to see me that very same day to explain how he would proceed in filling this... READ MORE

My family will always be grateful to Dr.Houser and his entire office. I have had years of reconstructive surgery on my face and legs, Dr.Houser is by far the best plastic surgeon I have been to. Well, other than his dad who was my surgeon when I was little. As a child, I had extensive damage to... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma on my nose, close to my eyelid, and was referred to Doctor Meghan Nadeau by Dr Peter Odland who was performing my Moh's surgery. I did some research with fellow doctors and estheticians and her name came up from others. I met with Dr Nadeau and... READ MORE

It was September 4, 2015, and I was at the very start of my 86 mile commute to school. I'm a chemical engineering student, and I had an 8:30 class that Friday. It was the day before a holiday weekend, and I didn't expect traffic to be bad. I was in traffic, a complete standstill, when I sent a... READ MORE

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