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Affirm is a non-ablative laser treatment that has dual benefits. It resurfaces skin to reduce fine wrinkles, skin discoloration, and scars, while it also tightens sagging skin. LEARN MORE ›

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I did 3 treatments with no results - Not Worth It - New York, NY

I did 3 treatments with no results, really let down. They kept telling me to wait, it has been a year and no change. READ MORE

Professional - Boca Raton, FL

Boost my confidence READ MORE

2 Treatments So Far and Happy! - Australia

I had one treatment 2 months ago for stretch marks on my bum/hips and self mutilation scarring on my arms. I have noticed a significant flattening and shrinking of the scars after the first treatment! Just had my second 2 days ago. I must say it hurts a bit in the bum area and being summer here,... READ MORE

Love the Result After Just One Treatment - Los Angeles, CA

Had an Affirm treatment almost two weeks ago. I was surprised how much pain I was in afterwards. The pain lasted for 4 1/2 days - I felt like my face was on fire -- and I swore I would never do it again. But almost two weeks later, I am amazed at the results. The thing that I am most... READ MORE

Not As Effective As I Had Hoped - Issaquah, WA

I have a 1 inch scar on my face and was trying to find the best way to smooth it out. After some research I came across Dr. M in Issaquah WA. Since the area was so small, she only charged me 400$ for six treatments on and around the scar. I have had 5 treatments and it has been about 5... READ MORE

very serious skin damage can occur - do not get this treatment - New York

After my 4th treatment, I started to see my skin sagging in places it had never sagged before. I had holes in my face that were oval shaped (definitely not pores) and I had 8 cysts on my chin. My Dr. told me some strange reasoning, which I believed and then had another treatment. I can see... READ MORE

Extremely Positive Experience! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Two Cynergy Laser treatments to remove sun spots and even out complexion. READ MORE

Affirm for Acne - So Far So Good

I was suffering from acne over the past 3-4 years. Since August I started getting TCA peels (3 total) which have played a big role in reducing my acne (in addition to DIET!), but once I started the Affirm I saw the biggest changes occur.I've had a series of 3 treatments over the last 2 months,... READ MORE

Affirm C02 Ablative Skin Retexturizing Resurfacing Treatment Results & Review

A month ago I started the Affirm C02 laser resurfacing. I've had one treatment so far and go in for the second in a few days. It'll be 3 1/2 weeks between treatments.This is my first report so it's pretty hard to rate just yet so I'll mainly talk here about the treatment, how much pain etc... READ MORE

Affirm for Hyperpigmentation - Major Damage - Canada

Approximately 5 1/2 years ago I had a micro laser peel. Within a year I developed hyperpigmentation. I sought out a treatment to rectify it and the Affirm was suggested to me. I told the DR I did not want anymore lasers and he assured me that the Affirm was safe and different. Well I did 2... READ MORE

Affirm Laser Review - Nasolabial Folds, Jowls, Skin Laxity and Double Chin

I'm 33 years old and was starting to notice the first signs of nasolabial folds and skin laxity, such as jowling and the 'double chin'. I had read bad things about thermage and did not want to go the injectable route just yet, so after reading about affirm I thought I would give it a try. I had... READ MORE

Affirm Treatment for Slight Hyperpigment Spots and Wrinkles

Just first treatment (bought a series of 5 with microderm for slight hyperpigment spots and wrinkles (I am 37)- not too painful I am very sore now and extremely red and puffy. Could not imagine applying makeup.Just had my first Affirm treatment with microderm prior to procedure. I am very fair... READ MORE

Not Happy with Affirm Laser for Eye Wrinkles

I had laser done around my eyes for wrinkles and it has been almost a month and they look worse than they did. What could have caused this? Is this normal for wrinkles and crinkles to appear more prominent after laser resurfacing?I also had neck lipo done with a new laser machine and it looks... READ MORE

56 Years Old with Sun Damage and Fine Lines. Some Side Effects.

I am a 56 year old woman with overall little sun damage but the beginnings of fine lines around the eyes and above my lip. After researching numerous non-ablative laser treatments I determined that the Affirm laser was most appropriate to achieve more youthful appearing skin while addressing the... READ MORE

Had 3 Treatments, on Way to Couple More

Have tried so many different lasers. Been trying to get rid of acne, ance scars, melasma, and just over all skin improvement. Have had 3 treatments and even after first saw some change, altgh took 3 to really notice. Even hard to get rid of melasma is fading. I do look younger, even though only... READ MORE


I have ance scares on my checks its really not that bad i justed dont like it . i have had 5 affirm treatments and i see no improvment is this really going to work for me or is it a wast of money . can some one please responed to this hay its me again so i went in and told them i... READ MORE

Affirm Treatment Was Much Less Painful then Fraxel and Saw Results After Just One!

I have tried the fraxel before and it was so much more painful and messy. The affirm I saw result after just one treatment. I would say the best part was the air cooling. I couldn't believe I didn't need a topical before as with the fraxel. My texture improved overnight! READ MORE

Affirm Laser - Excellent Results in New York

What a Godsend. It really is all about the specialist and how they use this technology. My laser specialist actually has New York Plastic Surgeons coming to watch him during his procedures as he has gets outstanding results. In ONE treatment the heavy wrinkles round my eyes and especially on my... READ MORE

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