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Face Ruined After Gemini Laser - Columbus, OH

People... Anyone... Please help. I need advice, comfort, positive outcomes anything right now. I am devastated after suffering damage from a Gemini laser procedure that was only meant to clear up some facial redness and broken capillaries. The doctor jacked up my settings and after 2 months... READ MORE

affirm laser works !!! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

My motivation came with a gift card for a professional peel . I have never tried peels until now. I was so thrilled with my skin after one. I decided to go again and try the next level up. Again the result was AMAZING..... My skin looks and feels soft and super clear of sun damage . I did... READ MORE

Cynosure Age Repair Affirm Laser. Richwood, OH

Had to get rid of actinic keratosis-- had the aminolevulinic acid/Blu lite treatments--about 6 or 7 since 2007. While they did help= the spots are still there. Researched for quite a while what laser procedure would work for m. As a surgical nurse and laser operator for many years, I know that... READ MORE

Affirm Laser - Cleveland, OH

I am African american with dark skin. I had the affirm laser treatment done on my face and the results are great! The affirm laser improved my skin textured and has helped to even out my skin tone so I do not have to wear as much make-up. I no longer have to wear foundation, just a little press... READ MORE

3 Treatments of Affirm & Palomar 1540 Laser - Toronto, ON

I have gone for 3 treatments of affirm Laser my last was December and my first was October. Let me start by explaining I am 31 Caucasian and I bought the package of 5 Affirm Laser for acne pot mark removal treatment. I can say my skin is very tight it looks like I am 20 again but for the scar... READ MORE

So Happy with Results - Branford, CT

Cost shown is with a special that was going on - the approximate price of the non-discounted treatment I received is $700. I have been saving up to get some non-surgical work done on my face. I feel that overall I just look tired and droopy. I have deep lines between my brows and deep... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal

I went to Dr. Ganchi as a recommendation from my OBGYN when I complained of ingrown hairs in the bikini area and seeking permanent hair removal. Dr. Ganchi is professional and her office is clean & cozy, she takes the time to speak with you and answer any questions and concerns. I finished... READ MORE

Love the Affirm Multiplex Dual Fractional Laser

I saw Dr. Soro for the Affirm Multiplex Dual Fractional Laser. I have had 3 treatments so far. Dr. Soro has an amazing bedside manner. He is completely honest with what you need and what you do not need. I would not trust anyone else to touch my face with a laser. My recovery was minimal (I was... READ MORE

I Love the Results... - Charlotte, NC

I am so pleased with the result of my laser treatment and would recommend it to anyone. My skin looks amazing and the wrinkles are gone. I look younger and feel pretty. It was amazing how painless the treatments were and I was kept very comfortable. I had a short recovery time. The next day my... READ MORE

Old Lady with Much Need of Skin Tighten and Sun Spots Lightening. West Hollywood, CA

It works very well for me. My skin is clear without sun spots and smoother without much wrinkles now. It makes me looked at least 10 years younger. I love the feel of my skin and the look of myself. I gained my confidence in any social events, especially with all the younger peers and coworkers.... READ MORE

Had Damage from Erbium Laser, Affirm Helped

At 53 in 07 I decided to have laser resurfacing for scars from acne. The doctor in Tampa suggested Erbium Level 6. I thought he knew what he was doing so I agreed. I was left with rolling scars, a huge dent & pigmentation change all over, red for months. He dissed me when he saw the results.... READ MORE

Affirm Laser Treatment for Sun Damaged Skin, Enlarged Pores, Wrinkles, ETC - Little Rock, AR

I turn 34 in less than a month, and in the last year I am starting to see some signs of aging. I have been going to a tanning bed since I was 16 years old... Over half of my life! Somehow I didn't believe that my skin was being damaged... I have always had really great skin & I guess I just... READ MORE

Affirm Many Years Ago - Monterey, CA

I did not see any results at the time. I was beginning, in my late 50s, to have some jowls and wanted that tightened. I have aged well, so maybe it did some good. It did hurt, they say like an elastic band snapping. That's pretty painful, especially done many times on the face. I had some... READ MORE

Unhappy with Affirm Co2 Laser Skin Renewal for Sun Damage - Lakeland, TN

I am 44 yr old with sun damage from tanning beds.The nurse informed me of the Affirm Co2 laser for sun damage.I was given a brochure and talked with 2 other associates that had the same Co2.It was explained to me by everyone that the recovery time was 1 week.I would see outstanding results... READ MORE

A Very Good and Professional Doctor - Vernon Hills, IL

That was my first time coming to this office and I was amazed! Doctor made me feel very comfortable and secure. What an excellent work he has done! All the stuff was so kind and caring. I was scared at first but everything went on the higher level! I have never seen such a good job by a... READ MORE

Affirm Laser to Minimize Pores and Lighten Dark Spots - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have been meaning to try affirm for some time now. I live in South Florida, a place where most women dabble in cosmetic surgery and or procedures. I love and completely trust the doctor and staff at Shinobay here in Fort Lauerdale, FL. I was able to see people, both in person and via... READ MORE

Refreshed New Look

I had fine lines and freckles that I didn't like, and I was going to be recovering from another procedure so my doctor suggested Affirm. I was apprehensive because I'd never done a laser before, but the results were really great. I noticed that the results aren't permanent, though, so repeating... READ MORE

Dr Mary A Powers -Long Beach, CA

Very pleased with results and several friends have gone to her for more extensive work and were very pleased - will continue to recommend her to others. Results lasted and met all my expectations. I am a nurse and only would go to the best doctor as we see their work up close - you cannot go... READ MORE

Terrible Results- Westchester, NY

I am 60 years old and just went for the Affirm Laser for my neck and jowl area. I had had smart liposuction on my jowl line this past September but still had some lax skin. My doctor suggested the affirm to correct this. The procedure was not uncomfortable, and I did not receive any topical... READ MORE

Don't Do It - Los Angeles, CA

I had about 6 secessions of affirm with a doctor at ucla. It was painful and expensive and I see little to no results. I also blistered during one of the secessions which left me with skin damage. I know how frustrating acne scars are and all these procedures are presented and sound so promising... READ MORE

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