Yag Laser Videos

The Doctor Performs Excel V Laser on This Woman's Red Spots

Dr. Matthew Elias explains how Excel V laser works and treats concerns such as redness, veins, lesions, age spots, sun spots and discoloration. VIEW NOW

How Do I Keep My Hands From Giving Away My Age?

Dr. Heidi A. Waldorf explains hand rejuvenation treatments and what to expect, live from Chicago at ASDS 2015. VIEW NOW


Watch How This YAG Laser Rejuvenates the Vagina

Dr. Shelena Lalji shares this footage of IntimaLase, an Er:YAG laser used to rejuvenate the vagina. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Removes a Tattoo From Behind a Woman's Ear

Dr. James W. Goodnight uses a YAG laser to remove this woman's tattoo. To help manage pain, he also numbed the area before the procedure. VIEW NOW

Learn About Tattoo Removal With YAG Laser in Under a Minute

A Brief overview of Laser Tattoo Removal. Tattoo Removal does require several sessions spaced 3-4 weeks apart, but the results are well worth it! VIEW NOW

Watch a Live Tattoo Removal Using a Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser

Dr. Andrea Hui demonstrates the immediate effects of a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser in removing a black ink tattoo. VIEW NOW

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Which Laser Hair Removal System Works Best?

Nurse Tracy Barlow, who works alongside Dr. Michael Law, explains that no single laser is best for all skin types. Dark skin requires a laser with a longer wavelength than lighter skin. VIEW NOW

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Laser Hair Removal and IPL for Hair Removal: What Is the Difference?

Nurse Tracy, who works alongside Dr. Michael Law, explains the differences between Laser Hair Removal and IPL. VIEW NOW

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Laser Hair Removal: How Much Does It Cost?

Tracy Barlow, who works alongside Dr. Michael Law, explains that the price of Laser Hair Removal varies. She recommends patients pay per treatment and never pay up front for a package. VIEW NOW

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Laser Hair Removal Treatment Frequency

Tracy, who works alongside Dr. Law, explains that in order to be hair free on average you will need 5 to 8 treatments. How often you will need a treatment depends on what area of the body. On average, you will need to be treated every 4 to 10 weeks VIEW NOW

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Skin Tightening Lasers Trick Your Brain

Michael Law MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery nurse Tracy explains that Laser Skin Tightening works by heating the skin which tricks the brain into thinking there is skin injury. At that point your brain begins to slowly rebuild collagen. VIEW NOW

Laser Hair Removal: A Clean Shave Is Best Before a Treatment

Nurse Tracy Barlow, who works alongside of Dr. Michael Law, explains why the area to be treated needs to be clean shaven before the laser hair removal treatment. VIEW NOW

Laser Skin Tightening: Are the Results Permanent?

Tracy Barlow from the office of Dr. Michael Law explains that the results of laser skin tightening are not permanent. The results last around 6 months on average. VIEW NOW

Smart Lipo Melts Fat and Tightens Skin

Dr. Darryl Blinski explains Smart Lipo and how patients can achieve a more sculpted result without invasive surgery. VIEW NOW

YAG Laser Lift Demonstration

Dr. Douglas Key explains how this non-invasive laser gently heats the skin resulting in a gradual healing response that creates new collagen and skin tightening. It is FDA approved to treat all skin types on most areas of the body. VIEW NOW