Vanquish Videos

Age Gracefully With Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Dr. Robert Singer summarizes quite a few facial rejuvenation options and speaks to the difference between a surgical and non-surgical facelift. VIEW NOW

Back Fat Reduction Options

Liposuction is a great option for reducing the pesky fat that creates rolls on the back. VIEW NOW

Vanquish RF Breaks Down Body Fat With Heat

Dr. Karol Gutowski explains how the new Vanquish RF technology works using radio frequency waves to heat belly fat and eliminate it completely. VIEW NOW

CoolSculpting: How It Works and Why It's Worth It

Dr. Rady Rahban explains the technology behind CoolSculpting and why it's a worthwhile treatment, even though it's no substitute for traditional liposuction. VIEW NOW


Vanquish Treatment Eliminates Fatty Trouble Spots

Dr. Doris Day shares her personal experience with Vanquish and how it helped her eliminate those stubborn pockets of fat that just won't go away. VIEW NOW

The CoolSculpting Theory, Procedure, and Results

Dr. Michele Green explains the theory of CoolSculpting and who the perfect patient is. She then describes and demonstrates the non surgical, fat freezing procedure. VIEW NOW


Trends in Body Contouring

Doctor Rutledge Forney explains why she is seeing more and more patients coming in for non-invasive body contouring treatments. VIEW NOW

What is Vanquish and How Does it Work?

Doctor Rutledge Forney explains how Vanquish works and what you can expect to experience when having the procedure. VIEW NOW

How to Choose Between Vanquish and CoolSculpting?

Doctor Rutledge Forney explains what body types are better suited for Vanquish or for CoolSculpting. VIEW NOW

Body Contouring to Kick Start Weight Loss

Doctor Rutledge Forney shares her findings that patients engaging with body contouring procedures appear to be more motivated to lose additional weight. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Body Conturing

Doctor Kimberly Butterwick discusses the popularity of non-surgical body contouring procedures, like cryolipolysis, for fat reduction. VIEW NOW

Body Conturing Options

Dr. Thomas Bender discusses body contouring options. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Treatments for Removing Fat

Dr. Robert Weiss discusses non-surgical treatments for removing fat. VIEW NOW

Who is a Good Candidate for Vanquish?

Dr. Robert Weiss discusses who is a good candidate for Vanquish. VIEW NOW

What Are Some Non-surgical Options to Remove Fat?

Doctor Margaret Weiss discusses using Vanquish as a non-surgical options to remove fat and tells you what to expect when having the treatment. VIEW NOW

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