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WORTH IT RATING based on 34 reviews
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Vanquish is a nonsurgical procedure that uses radio frequency (RF) waves to heat up — and kill — fat cells without harming surrounding tissue. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $2,350

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While I know I was never overweight, I definitely had some fat in the lower abdomen area that I never liked and somehow over the years I learned to accept that it was just part of my body. Unless I was in a bikini, people may not have even noticed it but I always knew it was there. Over the... READ MORE

I am 5'4" and 130 lbs. I was able to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight one month after delivering my twins. However, 2 years later, I still had a large pregnancy pooch and continued to look 6 months pregnant. I also looked thicker around the waist, and had love handles. My whole body... READ MORE

It was totally non- evasive, no pain and most importantly very convenient. A mere 30 minutes at a time with soothing music and relaxation. It took some time (2-4 weeks) to really see the result but it definitely works it's magic. I enjoyed the procedure and now am enjoying the result. Thank... READ MORE

First treatment is tomorrow 04/03/2014. I will update with photos (if possible) and measurements. I have read everything there is to read about the procedure but was really impressed with Whoopi Goldberg's review on The View. I can't wait to share - this does seem like a magic wand. This... READ MORE

Paid US$1700 for 4 treatments. Stubborn tummy bulge, in front and on left side. Diet and exercise diligently but the bulges remain. Tried many types of treatment but no result. Decided to try Vanquish after much research and hesitation. No pain at all. Like sleeping in a warm blanket. Fell... READ MORE

I'm 30 years old exercise regularly and eat mostly healthy. I had a few extra inches I couldn't get rid of so I began my research, thank you Realself for all the info! I was looking for something that I didn't need to go under anesthesia for and found Coolsculpt and Vanquish. I considered... READ MORE

I am not fat but pudgy in the abdomen. I have only done 1 tx so far but it was amazing. No pain it was actually so relaxing. Only 2 days post tx and down 1&3/4 inch Aesthetic Alternatives Twyla Henderson & Lydia Pearson did my tx they were so professional and dedicated to my tx & helping me. I... READ MORE

I don't think there's any denying that Vanquish works. We didn't take measurements, but I went from a tight size six to a size four over the course of a month without changing my exercise or eating habits (in fact, I added nuts and seeds, both arguably a vegan's nightmare when it comes to sudden... READ MORE

I have been debating getting either CoolSculpt or Vanquish for quite some time, and after reading a great number of the reviews on this site, I am finally going for it. I am beyond nervous as to what to expect but am also very excited. I normally don't carry weight in my stomach area, but after... READ MORE

I have had 4 treatments and lost 2 pant sizes. I am so happy with the results. There was little pain. I did experience some soreness after treatments for a few days but tolerable. I began to notice a difference after first treatment. Doctor was very nice and office staff very helpful. Well... READ MORE

Trying non-invasive Vanquish combined with gym workouts 3x week, calorie reduction plan, increased water intake and 3 month medication program thru Dr. Nagler's Diet Results program in Livonia. Paid $2,000 for 5 tx's. Just completed second 30 min treatment one week apart from first. ... READ MORE

I am a life-long athlete and extremely disciplined with my diet and exercise program. However, I have always battled a little flab around my waist that made me feel uncomfortable in a bikini. I can loose it if I starve myself, but who wants to live like that? I tried CoolSculpting and was not... READ MORE

I am not a candidate for cool sculpting and really wanted to try to get rid of my belly fat. When I heard of this procedure -I jumped at the chance to do it. My main motivation was to fit into my pants more easily. This procedure isn't painful and I am seeing results. I'm very happy ... READ MORE

It was an easy, painless, quick procedure, like laying under a heating pad for 30 minutes. That being said, I paid $1300 for 3 treatments spaced one week apart. 2 weeks after the series of 3, I have NO VISIBLE or Measurable results, as if I never had the treatment. Unless something shifts... READ MORE

I had 5 cool sculpting treatments about a year ago. Im not overweight, im 32, and had a 'pooch' that just wouldn't go away. I tried coolscupting and it RUINED my body. Leaving me with a 'shelf' of a pooch much worse than before. I decided to give Vaquish a go a little over a month ago, had 6... READ MORE

I am a 41 year old male. I am 5'11" and ~195. At my heaviest was about 220. I started losing weight with Insanity and got down to 180s. Then started to reshape my body through p90x and lifting. It took a long time and hard work. I am now at ~15% body fat; however, I was left with a little pocket... READ MORE

I had my 1st of 6 treatments ($3k total) 1 week ago. I was hydrated at 47%. About 7-8 min into the 30 min treatment I started having hot spots on each side of my abdomen. I actually felt like I was burning. I was able to get through it but ended up with panniculitis on each side (extremely sore... READ MORE

I am doing a series of 6 treatments each on my abs and upper back. After every treatment, I am measured and I have lost centimeters every time. I am exercising and also on a good diet. I am thrilled with this procedure. It's a painless procedure. The esthetician stays in the room with me... READ MORE

I will keep you all posted as time goes by but I do want to mention that the office I go to in Atlanta has much better result pictures then what is on this web site. The pictures here scare me a little because some of the people look fatter, the same or little to no difference. Can someone... READ MORE

5th treatment yesterday and they measured. I started with a 37" waist and am now 33". I still have one treatment left. Started to really see results after 3rd treatment. No pain. Feels like a heating pad on high. I will say it is worth for sure after my one month post treatment measurement May 2nd. READ MORE

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