V Beam Videos

Healing Your Acne Scars May Require Combination Laser Therapy

Dr. Michele Green discusses the treatment of acne scars with lasers such as Fraxel and eMatrix and Injections with fillers such as Restylane. VIEW NOW

What Leg Veins? New Injections Shrivel Legs Veins to Restore Your Beautiful Skin

Dr. Michele Green explains why a combination of leg vein injections/sclerotherapy and lasers may yield the best results for treating leg veins. VIEW NOW

The V-Beam Laser Battles Rosacea, Acne Scars, Stretch Marks, and More

Dr. Michele Green explains the usefulness of the V-Beam laser in treating any redness or red marks on the face such as rosacea or acne scars, stretch marks on the body and even fine red capillaries in the legs. VIEW NOW

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V Beam Laser Scar Treatment

Doctor Lawrence Osman discusses laser scar treatment using the V Beam. VIEW NOW

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V Beam Laser Treatment

Doctor Lawrence Osman discusses and demonstrates the V Beam Laser Treatment. VIEW NOW

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Treatment Options for Scars

Doctor Richard Fitzpatrick shares how he combines different types of lasers to treat scars. VIEW NOW