Ultherapy Videos

Sculptra and Ultherapy: How Combining These Techniques Rejuvenates Skin

What do you get when you combine Sculptra and ultherapy? Great results, says Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman. VIEW NOW

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Ultherapy: What Is It and How Long Does It Last?

Heard about ultherapy? Dr. Jeffrey W. Hall describes this non-surgical skin tightening technology, answering common questions about this increasingly popular procedure. VIEW NOW

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What You Need to Know About the Skincare Technology Ultherapy

Dr. Michael Howeard Swann discusses ultherapy, a non-invasive procedure that lifts skin on the neck, chin, eyebrows, and d├ęcolletage. VIEW NOW

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What Is Ultherapy and What Could It Do For Me?

Heard about ultherapy but not sure what it is? Dr. Joel L. Cohen explains this non-invasive, non-surgical skincare procedure that targets the face, neck, and chest. VIEW NOW

ThermiRF Melts Fat, Warms Tissue, and Tightens Collagen But Is It Right For You?

Heard a lot about ultherapy? Us too but how does ThermiRF fit in? It's all about where the heat's going. Dr. Faiyaaz Kalimullah explains. VIEW NOW

What Are My Options For Sagging and Wrinkles on My Neck? Introducing Ultherapy!

Matching the look of your neck to your face is an important step to looking rejuvenated. Get the skinny on ultherapy. VIEW NOW

When Should I Start Anti-Aging Procedures? This Doctor Talks Ultherapy and Voluma

Am I too young to start anti-aging procedures like ultherapy? Hear what Dr. Sabrina Fabi has to say about ultherapy and liquid facelifts with Voluma. VIEW NOW


Ultherapy: What Can You Use This New Technology For?

Ultherapy is a new technology with lots of potential. Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore discusses how this technique can lead to rejuvenated skin. VIEW NOW

Ultherapy: What Is It and How Does It Work?

With more than 300 procedures to his name, Dr. Bryan G. Forley explains how ultherapy lifts and tightens the face, neck, and brow. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening and the Aging Face

Dr. Forley discusses important factors to consider when deciding about having Ultherapy at age 67. He explains that aging changes are of much greater importance than chronological age when choosing a surgical versus a non-surgical approach. VIEW NOW

Ultherapy Uses and Misconceptions Explained

Skin tightening is a big trend right now, especially non-invasive techniques. Dr. Narin Apisarnthanarax talks about Ultherapy and how the slight discomfort of the procedure is definitely worth it. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Brow Lifts With Ultherapy, Botox, or Dysport

A drooping brow can wreak havoc on the mid and lower face but if you're not read for surgery, Dr. Jennifer Reichel has several options that just might work to lift that sagging forehead. VIEW NOW

Nearly Painless Ultherapy Treatment For a Sagging Neck

Dr. Manjula Jegasothy performs an Ultherapy treatment on a patient's neck to lift mild to moderate sagging of the skin and possibly underlying fat.. VIEW NOW

Not Ready For a Facelift: Ultherapy is a Popular, Non-Invasive Alternative

Dr. Ron Shelton explains Ultherapy, a non-invasive skin tightening procedure that uses ultrasound waves to stimulate new collagen growth over time and actively tighten loosening skin. VIEW NOW

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Ultherapy: See What Your Surgeon Sees During the Treatment

Dr. Michael Zadeh discusses how the FDA-approved Ultherapy treatment works to tighten, lift, and tone loose skin. VIEW NOW