Ultherapy Videos

Ultherapy: Does the Lift Last?

Dr. Sheryl Clark discusses how long results last and the combination treatment of Pelleve and Ultherapy. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains How to Prevent Discomfort During Ultherapy

Dr. Sheryl D. Clark explains the types of medications she prescribes before or after Ultherapy for those patients who experience pain. VIEW NOW

Ultherapy vs. Facelift — The Doctor's Opinion

Dr. Sheryl Clark briefly explains the differences and some of the risks and benefits between surgical face, brow or neck lifting and Ultherapy, and why one might choose one versus the other. VIEW NOW

How Ultherapy Uses Ultrasonic Imaging to Map the Fascia and Avoid Complications

Dr. Sheryl D. Clark shows an actual ultrasonic image of the skin, and explains how an ultrasonic transducer is used prior to and continuously during treatment to ensure that heat is delivered to the fascia to lift and tighten the tissues. VIEW NOW

Will Ultherapy Work for Me?

Dr. Sheryl D. Clark explains who Ultherapy works for and how it lifts and tightens skin. VIEW NOW

Ultherapy vs. Pelleve: Can These Treatments Lift and Tighten Skin Without Melting Facial Fat?

Dr. Amiya Prasad described how heating devices can stimulate collagen production when used correctly, but can damage the skin and fat layer when overused. VIEW NOW

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24 Years After Her Facelift, the Doctor Recommends Ultherapy for This Woman

Dr. Eskandar Simhaee recommends a non-invasive option to tighten skin. He explains what to expect from the treatment. VIEW NOW

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This Woman Turned 60 and Got Ultherapy — What's She Think?

You don't have to have surgery to lift your face, says Dr. Marguerite A. Germain. Learn more. Published courtesy of Lowcountry Live! VIEW NOW

Ultherapy: Here's How It's Like a Facelift

Dr. Marguerite A. Germain shares her findings using Ultherapy in her office. Published courtesy of Lowcountry Live! VIEW NOW


Is a Facelift My Only Option? Hear What This Doctor Recommends

A facelift isn't your only option for facial rejuvenation. Learn about your choices. VIEW NOW

Ultherapy: How Long Until I'll See Results?

What is Ultherapy and how does it work? Dr. Stephen Weber covers the basics. VIEW NOW

Overuse of Thermal Devices Can Thin Skin — This Doctor Says PRP Can Help

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains how the hype of new thermal devices has lead to overuse which can thin skin and cook the fat layer. He offers this solution. VIEW NOW

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Ultherapy: Lift, Tighten & Tone Without Surgery

Dr. Shelena Lalji explains how Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to stimulate your body's natural healing process and collagen production to lift and tone lax skin. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Recommends These Summertime Treatments for Your Face

Dr. Lorrie Klein talks about what treatments you should and shouldn't use during the summer. VIEW NOW

Not Ready for Facial Plastic Surgery? You Still Have Options

Not interested in surgery? Here are three options, as described by Dr. Michael R. Schwartz. VIEW NOW