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Ultrasound Therapy After Tummy Tuck?

I am nearly 3 weeks post tummy tuck with lipo. I am thrilled with my results, but the tightness from swelling is bothering me. I went back to work... READ MORE

Should I Go to a Gyno or to my Plastic Surgeon Who Performed my Tummy Tuck 2 Years Ago?

I had 2 c-sections and two very aggressive tummy tuck with lipo which the doctor removed 25 pounds of fat and skin around my waist 2 years ago, I... READ MORE

My Stomach is Larger Now That Before my Tummy Tuck 7 Weeks Ago

After two weeks a catheter was put in for a seroma which remain in place for 4 weeks, I'm no longer draining but my stomach is just as larger as... READ MORE

Ultrasound Therapy for Lipo?

I had a seroma sclerosed post tummy tuck and lipo and it formed a very hard area so i am having ultrasound treatments 3 times a week on it i was... READ MORE

How often should I get therapeutic ultrasound treatments for thick scar tissue resulting from pseudo bursa? (Photo)

Oct 2013 I had TT with seroma that developed pseudo bursa. It was resolved with sclerosing agent and abrading surface with lipo cannula (no suction).... READ MORE

Is this gonna be mostly my final results? Is this scar tissue going to stay? (Photo)

I am eight weeks post. I had a full tummy tuck abdominal repair two liters of lipo on flanks and belly with hernia repair. I've had issues with... READ MORE

Can a Lateral Abdominal Muscle Defect (Herniated Muscle and Tissue Layers- Lemon Sized Bulge) Be Repaired Through Tummy Tuck?

I had an ultrasound that showed a large complex mass right lat side between lower rib and iliac crest..Radiologist feels it's a herniation defect of... READ MORE

Fix my stomach the best possible way without TT.Dermatologist would be best? Non invasive ultrasound machines? Anything? (Photo)

Is been 16 months since my surgery; nothing much has change..I need to find a good close to great a revision doctor who specializes in this. I am in... READ MORE

Why do I have burning and sharp pain where the MR was done?

I am 3 weeks po from a full TT. I have had severe burning and pain since day 2 in the top half of my belly. It feels like I pulled or tore a muscle. I... READ MORE

I have a 12mm hematoma diagnosed by ultra sound after a Tummy Tuck. Should I be concerned?

The drain is still in position. presently draining 50-60 ml (dark colour) 9 days post op. My question is that although the surgeon is happy, I am... READ MORE

I am 6 weeks post tummy tuck and my doctor has confirmed that I have a hematoma. Should I get a second opinion?

I have done aspiration about 5 times now (starting from 200cc down to 50cc), but the swelling persists. I have also done an ultrasound which confirmed... READ MORE

Three months post-op full TT with a hematoma. Will this ever heal on its own? (Photo)

As you can see from my photo, I am dealing with a hematoma which began 2 weeks after surgery. After several aspirations, it is still present. I've has... READ MORE

Large hematoma was not diagnosed with ultrasound. Is there a logical explanation for this or is this negligence?

I had a skin only tummy tuck on May 24th, the next day my hemoglobin was measured to be 5,6. Two days later I looked 6 mths pregnant, PS did an... READ MORE

I had an ultra sound done and apparently I have dead tissue about 3cmx3cm. What could be causing it?

I was told that the tissue is the protective layer that covers my organs and that a portion is dead. I will be doing an MRI in a few weeks. Any ideas... READ MORE

Are there any post massaging therapies (such as ultrasound) required after having a TT and/or Liposuction?

Many plastic surgeons in Columbia and Mexico recommend having post-op ultrasonic therapies to prevent fat pockets and fibrosis. I've been to... READ MORE

After a tummy tuck and a BBL what type of massage is recommended?

I'm getting a BBL and tummy tuck out of my area and need to know what kind of professional should I contact for my aftercare ie:massages,... READ MORE

Can ultrasound help soften/improve/heal TT scar?

I have an ultrasound machine that I use when I have back/muscle pain. I am loving my results so far and my scar isn't too bad, but I'm wondering if... READ MORE

Question regarding post umbilical hernia mesh repair. Any ideas?

I had a colistectomy (gall bladder removal) 2 years ago which resulted in an umbilical hernia. This was finally repaired with mesh 6 months ago. I... READ MORE

Can a fall disrupt my muscle repair from my tummy tuck surgery from July 2014? It's still painful in the middle of stomach.

I slipped and fell on my back at the end of December and now I still have pain in my stomach area just above my belly button which I didn't have... READ MORE

Endoscopic TT for small 2 cm DR at the widest point which is above the naval at navel it is 1/2 cm. Am I a candidate?

I have a small DR that bothers me. I am think, but the DR bothers me. I am a candidate for endoscopic repair. My question is - is it possible to just... READ MORE

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