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I Am 12 Days Post-op. My Incision Has Begun to Itch Like Crazy. Is It Safe to Apply Anything?

I Am 12 Days Post-op from tummy tuck with muscle repair on 2/6/12.  My Incision Has Begun to Itch Like Crazy.  Is It Safe to Apply Anything? READ MORE

Red Scar 6 Months After Surgery?

It's been 6 months since my surgery I had a hernia repair along with a abdominoplasty and my scar is still very red and now itchy.. I don't scratch it... READ MORE

Itching Inside Stomach After Tummy Tuck Normal?

I had a Tummy Tuck 10 months ago. Is it normal for the inside of my stomach to itch, especially around my the navel, after the procedure? Is there... READ MORE

I was cleaning my very deep bellybutton, and the cotton from the end of the QTip came off deep inside?

My bellybutton was itchy so I cleaned it with alcohol and then peroxide. I was using a generic QTip. I am a large person, and cannot reach the end of... READ MORE

My Skin Has Gotten Very Dry and Still Itches At The Incision- What Products Can I Use?

Hi I am 3 month from having a tt and lipo. I am feeling great, it is just that sometimes my skin at the incision gets dry and it is very itchy even... READ MORE

I Am Super Itchy, Not Sure if Infected or Just Rash from All the Scratching. (photo)

I had the prineo tape/glue removed 21 days post op. Since then, i have used mederma and i have been incredibly itchy around incision site. I cant tell... READ MORE

Why Does my Tummy Tuck Scar Itch?

My tt was done 4/15/10 and whenever I put jeans or panties on it itch Like crazy. And how well do the silcon sheets work on flatten the scar? There... READ MORE

I Am Feeling Burning and Itching After TT on the Inside Were It is Numb, is This Normal?

I had my tummy tuck done march 10th and i have numness burning and itching all in the same place around the belly button erea.some swelling at night... READ MORE

Itchy, Irritated Skin 6 Weeks After TT

Hi, I have done my tummy tuck 6 weeks ago, the results are just too good and I am very happy with it, I am just facing some skin irretation these... READ MORE

2 Days Post-Op Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction: Itchy Under Dressings

My dressings and girdle. I'm afraid to scratch due to so many incisions. Does any body have any recommendations? READ MORE

Itchy, Dry Scar from TT

I am 1 month post-ops from a TT. I have dry skin and have to moisturize alot, especially after I bathe. However, sometimes the incision site is so... READ MORE

Hole in TT Incision Line Won't Go Away. 2 Months Post Op, What Can I Do? (photo)

2 months ago a hole developed at my incision line, I have been packing it with saline gauze twice a day and it still looks the same and the inside... READ MORE

Can I Use Vaseline on my Tummy Tuck Scar to Keep It Moist? I Am 4 Weeks Post Op.

I am 4 weeks post op and my tummy tuck scar gets very itchy and would like to know if I can apply vaseline. Thank you. READ MORE

Hard, Itchy Lump Above Pubic Bone 5 Weeks Post-op

I had a tt 5 weeks ago and i have a hard, heavy, itchy lump right above my pubic bone area is this normal? READ MORE

What can I do about itchy sutures from my tummy tuck procedure?

Or is there a problem with these sutures. I itch uncontrollable, too the point that I cry because nothing I take stops the itching. What can I do? The... READ MORE

I had a full TT with MR and Lipo to the flanks/lateral thighs. Possible Necrosis? (photo)

Does this look like possible early sign of Skin Necrosis?? my entire incision area is read and itchy, I was intially told I had a reaction to the... READ MORE

Normal That my Stomach is Itching All over 2 Weeks at Tummy Tuck?

It doesn't itch where the incision is but it itches all around it and is it safe to stop wearing a binder? READ MORE

Itching Under Skin After Tummy Tuck

I have itching under my skin driving me crazy I had a tummy tuck almost 2 years ago help READ MORE

I'm freaking out my surgeon messed up my full Abdominoplasty. What I should say at my first post op? (photos)

I had the procedure July 1. My surgeon was amazing all the way up to the surgery. After the surgery I only saw him briefly but he said it went well... READ MORE

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