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At 63, Am I Too Old to Have Tummy Tuck?

I have had "smiley" surgeries and now have a fatty hangover. I am not overweight but appear so with my fat stomach. I'm 63; am I too old... READ MORE

Exercise Regimen 8 Weeks Post Op Tummy Tuck

I'm 74, 8 weeks post op, fluid problems for 7 weeks. Very fit and active, bike 25 to 30 miles 5x a week, work out with trainer 3x a week,... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck At 67 Years Old

I am 67 years old, 5'7", weigh more or less 167 #s. I am thinking alot about a tummy tuck I look pregnate, pants don't fit in the waist... READ MORE

Are There Less Invasive Tummy Tucks?

I'm 65 years old and don't want to look like a 25 year old. Is there a tummy tuck procedure for people my age who just want to get rid of the excess... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Strengthen Weak Abdominal Walls in an Older Male Who is Not Overweight?

Iw am a 68 year old male. I am 5'11" and weigh @198lbs. I exercise regularly. I have noticed that my abdominal walls have weakened giving me a bloated... READ MORE

Four Weeks Post Tummy Tuck, Draining 60+cc a Day - Is There a Problem?

I am 74 years old in good health, physically very active. Have a stent, take Plavix. READ MORE

At 67 Am I Too Old for Tummy Tuck?

Over past 2 years I have lost 75 lbs and have stabilized past 8 months. Have a large amount of flab hanging down that I think is causing my back to... READ MORE

Is 71 Years Too Old for Tummy Tuck?

71 year old. 2 wks ago had neck lift. did fine. cleared by doctors after 20 plus years with rapid heart beat condition, using metropol 25MG each day... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Still Possible for Someone with Uterine Cancer History?

I am 67 years old, with history of uterine cancer, but in good health. I'm 50 lbs overweight. Is tummy tuck still possible? READ MORE

Age 71. Is That Too Old for a Tummy Tuck?

I weigh 238 lbs,i am 4 foot,11 inches tall,my doctor says i need a tummy tuck,what are my chances of living thru the surgery. READ MORE

Had TT 4 Mos. Ago. Still Tight, Little Numb.Age 69. When I Sneez I Get Sharp Pain Lower Left Side? (photo)

Could it be a hernia? It is near the bladder area. It only hurts when I cough or sneez especially a big sneez or hard cough. The pain is very sharp... READ MORE

I Am 67 and in Need of Umbilical Hernia Re-repair, Also Considering Tummy Tuck at the Same Time? I Have Asthma, Generally.

Controlled, and had superficial blood clots around right knee 5 months ago. Success of surgery and what kind of recovery? READ MORE

Abdominal Skin Tightening for Older Women (Age 72). Could It Cause Any Problems?

My 72 years old mother have serious abdominal skin sagging problems that causing her serious skin problems due to skin foldings. It is obvious that... READ MORE

At What Age Would You No Longer Feel Comfortable Performing a Tummy Tuck with Lipo Front and Flanks?

I am an almost 69 year old woman in good health and very active. In the past I carried my weight in my hips and thighs with a flat stomach, small... READ MORE

Is There Any Age Limit on Getting a Tummy Tuck/liposuction?

I just turned 65. I am in good health and have always wanted a tummy tuck and/or liposuction. READ MORE

Can the Muscle Be Repaired Without a Tummy Tuck?

I have been on prednisone for 5 years which deposited fat in my abdomen thus pushing my belly out more and more. I now have a rectus diastasis that is... READ MORE

I Am a Type 2 Diabetic Interested in a Tummy Tuck in the Future, Am I A Candidate?

I'm a 65 year old type 2 diabetic, on a supervised weight loss program. On average I'm loosing 10 pounds a months. To this point I've had no... READ MORE

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