Tooth Repair Videos

Relief From TMJ Comes With New Non-Invasive Technology

Dr. Tom Hedge describes a technique to adjust a TMJ splint or teeth using TENS--Trans Electrical Neurostimulation--to relax the muscles and a T-Scan computerized scan to adjust the bite. VIEW NOW

Inside the Operating Room: Extraction and Implant Placement For a Fractured Tooth

Dr. Andrew Tibbitts demonstrates a tooth extraction and replacement on a patient who fractured his right central incisor deep in the gums. VIEW NOW

Invisalign Animation Shows Incredible Correction in Teenage Girl

Dr. Raj Kumar displays an animation of the teeth of a 16-year-old with crowded teeth and high canines. She did not want traditional braces so she opted for Invisalign, which worked to correct her teeth over the course of about 20 months. VIEW NOW

Braces: Caring For Your New Smile

Caring for your braces are just as important as the job they're doing to correct your smile! VIEW NOW

Missing Teeth: How To Close The Space

Dr. Ron Wilson explains how TADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices) are now being used in orthodontics to help close space where teeth are missing without disrupting the existing dental architecture. VIEW NOW