Thigh Lift Videos

Lower Body Lift: The Most Life-Changing Procedure Post-Weight Loss

Dr. Joseph Michaels breaks down one of the largest procedures in plastic surgery: the lower body lift. VIEW NOW

Thigh Contouring: Muscle, Fat, and Skin Considerations

Thigh contouring and the quest for the thigh gap is a very hot topic in plastic surgery. Dr. Robert Centeno explains the process of choosing the appropriate procedure to attain your goals. VIEW NOW

Body Contouring Facts and Tips

Dr. Gavin Sandercoe discusses body contouring surgery after pregnancy and weight loss, touching on the surgical options that are available. VIEW NOW

Liposuction For Thigh Reduction

Dr. Luis Picard-Ami explains that while liposuction is a popular procedure for the abdomen, it can also be used for thigh reduction. VIEW NOW

Thigh Lift Candidates, Scars, and Recovery

Dr. Rady Rahban discusses several aspect of a thigh lift procedure, from determining the length of the scar to what to expect during the recovery period. VIEW NOW

Risks And Side Effects after Body Lift Surgery

Doctor Bob Basu discusses the possible risks and side effects after Body Lift surgery. Risks such as smoking, poor health, that could keep incisions from healing well post surgery. VIEW NOW

Inner Thigh Liposuction

Doctor David Amron discusses Liposuction for the inner thigh. VIEW NOW