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ThermiTight is a non-surgical, minimally invasive skin tightening treatment that uses a tiny probe to deliver radio frequency energy just beneath the surface of the skin. It's primarily used to tighten sagging skin on the face, but it can also be used on the neck, tummy, and thighs. LEARN MORE ›
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For the past year or two, I have hated every picture I've been in. My neck/chin looked awful. I have been a patient of Dr. Allan Wulc's in Philadelphia for years (fillers/Botox) but I wasn't ready for surgery. He suggested an in office treatment he just started doing called ThermiTight. I had... READ MORE

I have genetic heavy lower cheeks, which have gotten a bit worse with age. I wasn't ready for a facelift since I'm not even 40 yet, so after a LOT of research I decided to try the new procedure using radiofrequency energy, ThermiRF. There are several applications of this, but the one I tried is... READ MORE

I was given the opportunity to try ThermiTight for my neck and jowls. Wow!!! So far, I am only a little past a month post treatment and my "turkey neck" is almost gone. My jowls are tight against my jaw line now. I am told the 3 month mark is the WOW moment. I can't imagine it even getting any... READ MORE

After years of trying to get rid of back/bra fat.. TheriRx has finally helped. I have tried "smart lipo" and traditional lipo and neither one made a positive difference. I was told by two plastic surgeons, that they could cut out the skin but I would have huge scars across my back. It has now... READ MORE

I am a cellulite test patient for a new FDA minimally invasive skin tightening procedure. When comparing to cellulaze, the main difference is that is uses temperature controlled RF energy via a cannula under the skin and is not a laser. But the goal is the same...the RF heat should melt fat... READ MORE

Last year I learned that an extra chin had attached its self to my neck. This made me look older then I felt & really troubled me. At the urging of my daughter and friend, I met with Dr. Suji Parks-Idler & found her to be both personable and professional. She answered all of my questions in a... READ MORE

I feel that I have a youthful appearance but was unhappy about how my neck appeared after losing weight. It was crapy, which had me moisturizing all the time... That was very frustrating. I decided to have the procedure and was happy with the outcome... Also my neck line is much more... READ MORE

I had a MUCH needed ThermiTight procedure done a few months ago by one of the best an most respected physicians is South East, Dr. Suji Park-Idler. I will admit that I was not sure what to expect when I "signed up". Like most people, I saw the great before and after pictures but I was not sure... READ MORE

I had gastric bypass 3yrs ago. So, losing weight was always what I focused on for so many years but after the weight loss I realized that I looked like a melted candle, including my face that had completely deflated. I've spent my entire career in the cosmetic surgery and medspa industry as a... READ MORE

I wanted to get rid of the bulgy fat deposits that would always show up on the sides of my nose when I smiled or crinkled my nose. It made my nose look extremely wide at the bridge and not so feminine. I had two nose jobs to correct it, and although it seemed to stay under control for a while,... READ MORE

Unfortunately, I see no difference under my chin. Now I have a damaged facial nerve with a droopy lower lip. I hope it is not permanent because I wasted my money and my lip with two months of discomfort and facial swelling. My face was swollen for two weeks. I also am very numb with a... READ MORE

This is my experiential review of Thermitight, which I had done with Dr. Karimi in Los Angeles, CA at Pacific Specialists after seeing him for years for other procedures and being very happy. I casually asked him about some loose skin under my chin from weight loss, and he assured me that... READ MORE

Last year was one of the toughest years of my life, personally. I lost a brother to cancer, got laid of from a job, and I got divorced from my husband. When they say stress ages you, they not kidding. One day I looked in my mirror and didn't like what was staring back. When did this happen? ... READ MORE

I had a consultation with my Dr. on Friday morning for double chin, turkey waddle, and neck fat. He suggested ThermiTight, (also called Subdermal Skin Tightening and Sculpting, DermiTight, and ThermiRF), along with a small amount of liposuction/lipoaspiration primarily to soften the fiberous... READ MORE

I have some laxity under my chin and along my jawline. I reside in Miami Beach and I have consulted with 4 different doctors from Miami Beach all the way to Boca Raton. I was pretty shocked with the vast difference in prices ranging from $1500 all the way to $4200. All doctors I consulted... READ MORE

Newly divorced at 46 my neck and jawline was starting to sag. I knew something had to be done but didn't want surgery like a facelift. Dr Perry told me about the Thermi treatment and showed me results. The treatment was less than an hour and I did it with just a some local injection. It was sore... READ MORE

I am scheduled for ThermiRF this coming Thursday, August 10, with Dr. Roxanne L. Sylora in Celebration, FL. There aren't too many reviews on the procedure, but what little I have heard sounds promising. Ever since I hit the mid forty's, I noticed changes in my neck. The skin started to lose... READ MORE

I am beyond excited and thrilled about the ThermiRF procedure I had, even though I am only one week out. I am in that 'in between' place - not nearly ready for a facelift (financially or psychologically!) yet I am in my mid-40's and really dealing my under-chin sag and jowls. I have a 3 and 7... READ MORE

I believe the procedure I had was called Thermi Rase. Dr. Mizuguchi zap the nerves above my eye brows in lieu of botox (which no longer worked for me). I had swelling for a couple of weeks, minimal bruising and it can be painful but tolerable. I LOVE the effects. Dr. M informed me that if I... READ MORE

I was approaching a time in my life that when I looked in the mirror I was not happy with what I was seeing. I am 57 years old and have always looked younger then my age until the last few years. My lower jaw line was showing loose skin and it lost its's contour.I found Dr. William Song through... READ MORE

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