Smart Lipo Videos

Male Liposuction: How Men and Women Differ

Dr. Richard J. Bruneteau explains that men often seek different request from cosmetic procedures. VIEW NOW

Smart Lipo: Where Is It Performed on the Body?

Learn more about Smart Lipo, as explained by Dr. Carlos Burnett. VIEW NOW

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Smart Lipo: Will the Fat Travel?

Does the fat travel after Smart Lipo? Learn the answer from Dr. Carlos Burnett. VIEW NOW

Smart Lipo: When Will I See Results?

Learn about Smart Lipo with Dr. Carlos Burnett. VIEW NOW

4 Years of Results: Watch What Fat Transfer and Lasers Did for this Woman

Follow this woman over four years of fat transfers, Smart Lipo, and fractional CO2 laser treatments. VIEW NOW

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Liposuction, Arm Lifts, and Smart Lipo — The Doctor Explains These Arm Contouring Techniques

Dr. Hampton Alexander Howell discusses the different techniques of arm contouring to reach your desired results. VIEW NOW

Find the Best Body Contouring Option for You — From Non-Surgical to Surgical Procedures

Dr. Hampton Alexander Howell discusses what body contouring is and techniques including CoolSculpting and Smart Lipo. VIEW NOW

Your Body Contouring Options: Picking the Right Procedure for You

Dr. Scott Tucker details the various procedures available for body contouring, from CoolSculpting to tummy tucks. VIEW NOW

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Smart Lipo: See The Doctor Melt This Man's Love Handles

Dr. Steven K. Struck demonstrates Smart Lipo on this man's love handles and he explains what area can be treated using before and after photos. VIEW NOW

Watch This 40-Year-Old Woman Get Smart Lipo

Dr. David E. Berman walks us through a Smart Lipo procedure. Here's what you can expect. VIEW NOW

Wide Awake and Getting Liposuction — See This Woman's Procedure (GRAPHIC)

Join Dr. David E. Berman as he performs Smart Lipo on this woman. VIEW NOW

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Learn How SmartLipo Differs From Traditional Liposuction

Dr. Daniel Levy explains how this minimally invasive procedure can be performed from the chin area to the knees with less downtime than traditional liposuction. VIEW NOW

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A Laser Facelift? It Does Exist! Learn About Energy-Based Devices

With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Richard Gentile shares his thoughts on energy-based devices. VIEW NOW


Liposuction: How Long Should Drains Stay In?

Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta explains why drains are needed and how long they should stay in. VIEW NOW

Smart Lipo For the Neck and Jawline — See This Man's Procedure

Dr. Jason Emer performs Smart Lipo of the neck in a man seeking a more defined jawline, skin tightening, and genetic fat pad reduction. VIEW NOW

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