Skin Tightening Videos

5 Benefits to Using the Anti-Cellulite Technology PelleFirm

Heard of PelleFirm? Dr. Ariel Ostad explains the benefits of this skin tightening technology. VIEW NOW

ThermiRF: 15 Seconds of the Skin Tightening Technology

Dr. Ahmet R. Karaca demonstrates how ThermiRF works to tighten skin and reduce fat. The patient is under local anesthesia in an office setting. VIEW NOW


Facelifts, Fat Transfers, and More — See These Skin Rejuvenation Results

Dr. Dilip D. Madnani shares the results from a variety of procedures including facelifts, fat transfers, and more. Can you see the differences? VIEW NOW

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Thermi RF Tight vs. Thermi Smooth: What's the Difference?

Dr. Deborah Ekstrom breaks down the differences between Thermi RF Tight and Thermi Smooth. Do you know them? VIEW NOW

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What Are the Best Anti-Aging Treatments For the Neck?

The neck is a difficult area to improve, says Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman, but there are options. What are they? Let the doctor explain. VIEW NOW

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Facial Aging: Top Causes and Treatments

Aging — it happens to everyone. But what causes facial aging and how can you treat it? Dr. Brian Windle has the answer. VIEW NOW

Mini Facelift or Cheek Lift? These Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures Help Rejuvenate Aging Skin

There are plenty of options when it comes to picking between anti-aging procedures. Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses how to handle sagging skin, non-surgical treatments to address wrinkles and volume loss, and some procedures he doesn't advise. VIEW NOW

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Skin Tightening Devices: Non-Invasive Options to Give Your Skin a New Look

Venus Legacy and EndyMed 3DEEP both offer ways to tighten skin. But how do they work? Dr. Michael Gold explains the "poles" of the skin and how to make them work for you. VIEW NOW

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Fire and Ice: Hit a Balance Between Hot and Cold Procedures For Skin Tightening and Body Contouring

Dr. Michelle Ehrlich likes to use a little something she calls fire and ice to help her patients see results. Learn how both hot and cold procedures could help you tight your skin and contour your body. VIEW NOW

Cellulite: The Treatments That Might Finally Get Rid of This Pesky Genetic Problem

Nearly all women experience cellulite, says Dr. Neil Sadick. But never fear! New technology is on the horizon. Here's what to look for. VIEW NOW

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Ultherapy: What Can You Use This New Technology For?

Ultherapy is a new technology with lots of potential. Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore discusses how this technique can lead to rejuvenated skin. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening and the Aging Face

Dr. Forley discusses important factors to consider when deciding about having Ultherapy at age 67. He explains that aging changes are of much greater importance than chronological age when choosing a surgical versus a non-surgical approach. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Is Like "Shrink Wrapping Your Skin"

Dr. Susan Van Dyke talks about Thermage and Ulthera, which are two non-invasive skin tightening technologies, and how they work to tighten the skin of multiple areas of the body without so much as a pin prick. VIEW NOW

The Weekend Necklift is Very Different From Other Neck Procedures

Dr. Ross Clevens talks about the Weekend Necklift, how it is performed, who the ideal candidate is, and how it got its unique name. VIEW NOW


Ultherapy Uses and Misconceptions Explained

Skin tightening is a big trend right now, especially non-invasive techniques. Dr. Narin Apisarnthanarax talks about Ultherapy and how the slight discomfort of the procedure is definitely worth it. VIEW NOW