Skin Rejuvenation Videos

Anti-Aging: What Are My Non-Surgical Options?

Dr. Lauren Greenberg explains non-invasive anti-aging options. Learn what they are. VIEW NOW

What's the "New Era of Plastic Surgery"?

Dr. Lauren Greenberg sees this procedure as the new era of plastic surgery. Learn what it is. VIEW NOW

Shrink, Shrivel, and Sag: How a Facelift Addresses These Common Signs of Aging

Have common questions about facelifts and neck lifts answered by Dr.Parker A. Velargo. VIEW NOW

Facelift or Fillers: How to Tell When You Need What

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains facial aging and how to tell when it might be time for a facelift. VIEW NOW

See How a Fat Transfer Rejuvenates This Woman's Hands

Using fat, Dr. Remus Repta gives this woman's hands a more youthful look. See for yourself. VIEW NOW

CO2 Laser: What Is It and How's the Recovery?

Learn the benefits of using a CO2 laser, as explained by Dr. Elisa A. Burgess. VIEW NOW

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Getting Work Done in Your 40s — Hear What the Doctor Recommends

Getting facial plastic surgery in your 40s? Here's a tip from Dr. Amiya Prasad. VIEW NOW

Sclerotherapy: Why You Should Do It Before Bikini Season

Spider veins can be treated. See Dr. Sheila S. Nazaria demonstrate how she uses sclerotherapy. VIEW NOW

This Doctor Started Using Botox in Her Late 20s — Learn Why

Dr. Sheila S. Nazarian explains where Botox is most commonly used. See how it works on one young woman and hear about the doctor's own experience. VIEW NOW

Curious About Botox? Take 96 Seconds and Hear What the Doctor Has to Say

Dr. Ariel Ostad explains what Botox is and what it can do for skin rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

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I Want My Redness Gone — See How Broadband Light and a Microlaser Peel Help This Woman

Skin aesthetician Emma treats this woman's skin with broadband light and a microlaser peel. VIEW NOW

This Marathon Runner Gets Facial Fat Transfer — See How It Makes Her Look Younger

A marathon runner, this woman noticed her face was looking hollow. See how Dr. Kimberly Butterwick harvests fat to restore facial volume. VIEW NOW

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Take 38 Seconds and Learn About Laser Skin Resurfacing

Dr. Mark Berkowitz details laser resurfacing and what it can do for skin rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

Botox vs. Dysport vs. Xeomin — What's the Difference?

When researching Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, think soda pop. Dr. Mark Berkowitz explains. VIEW NOW