Peeling + Skin Lightening

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Laser Treatment or Chemical Peels for Dark Armpits?

I'm Asian; me & my sisters have these dark underarms. I've had them ever since I was little and I have always been embarassed about raising my arm... READ MORE

What are skin lightening fix/products for bikini area and underarms?

Hi, I had dark skin in my underarms and bikini area. So I decided to use Marie Francis peeling oil - that was HUGE mistake because it initially burned... READ MORE

Hydroquinone is making me peel unevenly, is that a bad sign?

I've been using hydroquinone 20% on my face and it's making me feeling a little bit mainly on my chin and lower cheeks. I've been taking the skin by... READ MORE

Underarm Peeled and Whitening Cream?

Just had my UA(underarm) peeled,since 1st peeling session i didnt use deo now my UA got peeled, can i use my deo now? can i use whitening cream? derma... READ MORE

After I peeled my neck it became dark again: Is there anything I can use to keep the new skin light?

What can I do I used one time this peeling oil my skin become light but then the dark skin came back so is there anything else I can use to keep my... READ MORE

Should I continue using the hydroquinone cream or stop using it? I've experienced peeling and redness in my underarms.

Hello, I have dark underarm problem and went to a dermatologist for my problem. They prescribed me a hydroquinone cream. I used it for a month and... READ MORE

As an African-American woman, how do I lighten my dark under arms? (Photo)

I have used hydroquinone 4% twice a day, but it did not work. Are there any bleaching agents that are more effective. The area is very dark. Should I... READ MORE

Which fairness cream should I use to get a lighter complexion?

My skin tone is wheatish and skin type is combination. want to lighten my skin with few shades and want clear complexion. should i go for peeling. and... READ MORE

What are your thoughts on a topical solution of tretinoin hydroquinone?

In my country there is a drugstore chemical exfoliant product called "Maxi-Peel". On the bottle it indicates that it's generic name is tretinoin... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do or be prescribed to treat severe lip discoloration? (Photo)

I have extreme discoloration on my lips. It happened after peeling the skin. I've tried everything from sugar scrubs and peeling more skin to lemon... READ MORE

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