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I had bed bug on my right arm and used bleaching cream with sunscreen and got burn. Can I Reverse the Effects of Bleached Skin?

I had bed bug on my right arm and used bleaching cream with sunscreen and got burns very red burns use cream to heal it but its left a very dry and... READ MORE

Can stretch marks caused by bleaching be removed? (Photo)

I tried bleaching my skin for less than 3 months and i notice i started getting stretch marks so i discontinue bot the marks contine to develop. its... READ MORE

Is There Any Laser Skin Treament That Helps Remove a Heavy Tan?

I would like to know if there is any effective laser treatment, that can help get rid of a heavy tan on the following specific areas: both forearms,... READ MORE

How to lighten dark skin only on exposed areas such as face, arms and feet?

Hi i am a Indian girl and suffering from a complex issue that i have dark skin only on exposed areas such as arms , face and feet rest of the body... READ MORE

Im Native American and Two-toned What Would Be the Best Way to Get the Dark Skin Lighter?

My lower arm below the elbow is brown and every thing up is usally hidden by shirts so its bright how do i get the lower arm light again? READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Permanent Tan on Arms?

How can I get rid of a seemingly permanent tan on bottom half of arms  I've had a tan on the bottom half of my arms for as long as I can remember... READ MORE

I'm 21 and getting married in 3 months. What's the best way to lighten my dark areas?

M fair n very beautiful.. bt my arms,inner tights,vagina and my butt area are very very dark.. plz help me out by suggestin any whitenin creams which... READ MORE

Would Using Melanotan Help Hypopigmentation That is Spread in Small Freckle Like Dots on Legs and Arms?

I have freckels am starting to get white dots on arms/legs. Im tring to avoid sun but run a lot i've seen a dermo and gotten some liposomal... READ MORE

How to Treat a Mark Caused by Glytone Fading Lotion? (photo)

Pls help me , I have bad marks due to hydroquinine and need home remedies, it's been 4-5 months and it wouldn't go, READ MORE

How can I lightening skin?

Im african,my back,legs,back my arms is extremly dark but my face, chest is extrem lighter. It looks so different and so odd. READ MORE

Dark spots on arms. How to get rid of these asap? (Photo)

I got these marks after i bleached my arms for the 1st time. Its been 6 months. I had pimples a day after bleach all over my arms which were extremely... READ MORE

Skin discoloration on my left arm that is spreading? (Photo)

Hello, starting in june, i started to have a round pink mark on my arm and it was flaky. it started spredaing all over my left arm now. its itchy and... READ MORE

What can I use to make my face and arm skin lighter? Those are the darkest places on my body.

My face and my are are darker than other areas on my body. What can I use and or do about it. Need to lighten those areas but don't know where to start. READ MORE

I am Asian and I want to look Caucasian. I really want lighter skin like the model in the photo. Is it possible? (Photo)

I am Asian and I want to look Caucasian. I really want lighter skin. My face is light but my neck, lower arms, knees stomach are really dark. I want... READ MORE

Can I remove a tan with bleach on a 11 year old?

My daughter is 11 years old ans she has tanned badly due to sun exposure and swimming can I apply bleach on her face and arms . Is it safe READ MORE

What supplements should I take to whiten my scarred arms and legs?

I've been suffering to skin asthma i get from my father for 22 yrs now. i tried using whitening pruducts like soaps,lotions,scrubs also olive oil and... READ MORE

I feel like there is something wrong with my hand. And how to get rid of chicken skin? Surgery or not? (Photo)

Everyones hands are like so smooth (you'll see what I am talking about) and mine has all these lines on it. It looks like my hands are all wrinkly.... READ MORE

What's the best way to lighten my arms and face after tanning?

I would like to know if there is something I can do about my arms and face since I have a tan it never went away winter in Chicago comes and it's... READ MORE

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