Septoplasty Videos

Seeing Your New Nose — Here's What the Cast Removal Looks Like

This young woman sees her new nose for the first time. What does she think? VIEW NOW

Watch How the Doctor Corrects This Man's Deviated Septum (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Remus Repta performs a septo-rhinoplasty on this man to correct his deviated septum. VIEW NOW

Septal Perforation Repair 101: Here's What You Need to Know

Who are the best candidates for septal perforation closure? Dr. Samir Undavia explains. VIEW NOW

Septal Perforation: How to Treat It Explained in 2 Minutes

How do you treat septal perforation? Dr. Samir Undavia has the answer. VIEW NOW

What Causes a Nasal Septal Perforation?

Learn the most common causes of a nasal septal perforation, as explained by Dr. Samir Undavia. VIEW NOW

What to Expect From a Septoplasty

Drs. Jason Litner and Peyman Solieman explain what a septoplasty is and what to expect from your plastic surgeon. VIEW NOW

How Do I Know If I Need a Septoplasty?

Have trouble breathing through your nose? You may be a candidate for a septoplasty. Drs. Peyman Solieman and Jason Litner detail the surgery. VIEW NOW

"My Breathing Has Phenomenally Improved!" — This Man Shares His Story 1 Week After Nose Surgery

This man cam to Dr. Ramtin Kassir to correct his breathing and change the size and shape of his nose. Hear how he's feeling one week after surgery. VIEW NOW

Nose Job Results Change Over Time — See These Looks 5 Years Post-Op

Dr. Richard W. Westreich shares nose job before and after photos spanning five years. Do you see the differences? VIEW NOW


What Is Rhinoplasty? Learn About This Common Plastic Surgery

A specialist of the face and neck, Dr. Samir Undavia discusses what a nose job is and the different parts of this popular plastic surgery procedure. VIEW NOW

Can Rhinoplasty Help My Breathing?

As Dr. Paul Nassif explains, a "functional rhinoplasty" procedure can enhance the appearance of your nose as well as improve your breathing. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty: Do I Need to Get Both?

If you're thinking of having a rhinoplasty procedure and wondering if you also need a septoplasty, Dr. Nassif talks about both in this video. VIEW NOW

How Is an Obstructed Airway Fixed With a Septoplasty?

Ever wonder how facial plastic surgeons go about fixing a deviated septum? In this video, Dr. Paul Nassif explains in detail about septoplasty. VIEW NOW

Are Functional Rhinoplasty Procedures Covered by Insurance?

There are some functional procedures regarding your rhinoplasty that can be covered by your insurance. Dr. Paul Nassif covers in this video some procedures that are considered functional, rather than cosmetic, that some insurances will consider. VIEW NOW

A Septoplasty Is a Functonal Procedure, Not Cosmetic

Dr. Chase Lay explains that a septoplasty is a functional nasal surgery, which is a procedure designed to improve breathing and will not change the outward appearance of the nose, unless a severely deviated septum is part of the problem. VIEW NOW