Septoplasty Videos

How Do You Know if You Have a Deviated Septum?

Dr. Samir Undavia discusses the symptoms that come with a deviated septum and the surgical and non-surgical options available. VIEW NOW

Can a Nose Job Improve My Breathing?

Dr. M. Sean Freeman answers this question about rhinoplasty surgery. VIEW NOW

My Daughters Wanted Nose Jobs — This Mom Shares Her Experience

Hear from a mother's experience having her two daughters get nose jobs with Dr. Robert Kotler. VIEW NOW

This Woman Got a Nose Job at 14 — See Her 6 Years Later

With her mom by her side, this woman shares her experience getting a nose job as a teen. VIEW NOW

How Risky Is Getting a Nose Job?

What are the biggest risks of getting your nose done? Dr. Stephen Weber has the details. VIEW NOW

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Can You Fix My Bad Nose Job? Learn How Much Revision Rhinoplasty Can Do

How much can another nose job help? Dr. Stephen Weber shares his experience. VIEW NOW

This Mother Sees Her New Nose With Her Young Daughter in the Room

This young mom just had her nose done with Dr. Michael Elam. See what she thinks of the final results. VIEW NOW

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What to Expect During Your Nasal Consultation

Dr. David O. Volpi explains how he works with patients to diagnose their nasal troubles. Hear from men and women who've had sinus procedures and who’ve struggled with breathing issues, including sleep apnea. What did they do about it? VIEW NOW

"Do I Have to Wear This Mask Forever?" — Hear What Made These People Breathe Easier

Hear from men and women who struggled with breathing issues including sleep apnea. What did they do about it? VIEW NOW

Learn What This Surgery Could Do for Your Nasal Troubles

Learn what a septoplasty with Dr. David O. Volpi could do for your nasal troubles. VIEW NOW

How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Nose Job?

What can you expect from nose job recovery? Get the answers from Dr. Stephen Weber. VIEW NOW

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How Does a Nose Job Improving Breathing?

Getting your nose done isn't just about a new size and shape, says Dr. Stephen Weber. Learn why it's one of his favorite procedures. VIEW NOW

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An Introduction to Nose Jobs — From Consultation to Recovery

Dr. Marcelo Ghersi talks about surgery to address both breathing problems and the appearance of the nose. VIEW NOW


Nose Job Recovery: This Young Woman Can Breathe Better the Day After Her Nose Job (Part 1)

Dr. Robert Kotler shares this young woman's experience with her nose job which included the Kotler Nasal Airway. The nasal tube device allowed her to breath easier during her recovery. VIEW NOW

This Woman's Nose Job Result Matches the Computer Depiction — See Her Before & After

Dr. Robert Kotler performed a nose job on this woman. Her new nose matches the computer imaging results they hoped to achieve. VIEW NOW

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