Movement + Septoplasty

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8 Days Post Septorhinoplasty, Feel Movement and Clicking?

I had a septorhinoplasty done 8 days ago and im starting to feel like there move Inside the upper portion of the nose. When I tilt to the side I feel... READ MORE

Very Weird Feeling After (Septoplasty)?

Hello doctors please i need help i need to know whats wrong with me everytime i tell my parents about this weird feeling they tell me that am... READ MORE

I had a septoplasty 2 months ago. I can feel movement, and a slight cracking sound. Is this normal?

When I touch the sides of my nose, I feel the bone in the middle kind of shift/move around. It almost makes a slight cracking sound it seems like. Is... READ MORE

How easy is it to move your septum and nose tip after surgery?

Hi I had septoplasty with turbant reduction and also a tip strut put in my nose 12 days ago, while sleeping last night I bumped it pretty hard and... READ MORE

I got surgery 7days ago. Do I need to see my doctor?

My plastic thing in my nose (sorry i forgot what its called) its coming out my nose more n more n its irritating it more. Do i go to my doctor? I'm... READ MORE

Is is Possible After Septoplasty to Move the Septum in the Place It Was Before?

My nerves have become too sensitive to the way the air flows inside of my nose now and breathing is very painful. is it possible to move the septum in... READ MORE

Is the skin inside the nose numb? If I clean with a q-tip, can I move anything around and not feel it?

I had a basic septoplasty a bit over two weeks ago. I was cleaning my nose with some warm water and q-tips to get hardened mucous out of the way, and... READ MORE

Septoplasty splints - the splint on the left side feels like it moved up?

I feel like the splint on the left side moved up? I'm not sure but the one on the right side is closer to the tip of my nose then left. Any help? READ MORE

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