Infection + Septoplasty

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What Medication is Prescribed After Rhinoplasty?

What medications are used right after having a Septoplasty, Rhinoplasty, or a combined surgery? Are there any other OTC (over-the-counter) medications... READ MORE

Bad Smell from Nose After Septoplasty. Took Penicillin For Infection With No Results?

I had a septoplasty surgery 6 months ago and a bad smell started coming off my nose as of 2 months ago. some infection diagnosed by my surgeon and I... READ MORE

Will Getting my Deviated Septum Fixed Help Prevent Sinus Infections?

I've gotten a sinus infection and uri almost monthly for about a year now and was told by my PCP that my ins. will pay for a nose job. I like the... READ MORE

Waiting After Pregnancy to Have Deviated Septum Repaired?

I had a miscarriage around 8 weeks ago and we are going to try to get pregnant again, but I need to have a deviated septum fixed. I really don't want... READ MORE

Septoplasty And Turbinoplasty Bad Recovery?

I had may operation 7 days ago.On second day I got infection. Until today I cannot breath because both my nostrils a blocked. My right nostril is... READ MORE

Labored Breathing After Septoplasty Infection

I had a comprehensive septorhino 7 weeks ago. At 3 weeks post op I got a bad sinus infection & just recently finished my second round of... READ MORE

Septoplasty Surgery with Infection?

I have septoplasty and turbinate reduction scheduled for tomorrow! But I think I have an ear infection and possibly sinus also. My ear and sinus... READ MORE

Weird Feeling After Septoplasty?

Hello doctors am having a weird feeling when i move my eyes to right after i had a revision septoplasty to correct my deviated septum.i went to my ENT... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Stop Continued Bleeding & Frequent Infections in Nose Years After Damage from Cocaine Use?

I saw a great and helpful response to a question about septal perforation caused by use of cocaine. That prompted me to ask a related question of... READ MORE

infection after Septoplasty, FESS and Turbinate Reduction.

Had a septoplasty fess and turbinate reduction 4 weeks ago have had an infection for last 3 weeks been treated with co amoiclav after surgery and been... READ MORE

After septoplasty, I cant sleep?

Cant sleep, nose infection. READ MORE

Is it ok to pluck out nose hairs?

My nose is full of dense, thick, black nose hairs. I can't help but every so often pluck as many as I can out. The first time I plucked my nose hairs... READ MORE

After open Septorhinoplasty with NAO I developed a large knot, how soon can I treat this? (photo)

I had an open septorhinoplasty due to cartilage collapse NAO. After the splint was removed, in the area they built up the cartilage there is a huge... READ MORE

4 weeks post Septoplasty and turbinoplasty and having active bleeding. What should I do?

I met the surgeon after first active bleed saying it was minor infection and gave me antibiotics augmentin 7 days, continue bactroban and cauterized... READ MORE

What symptoms would you have if you had a rib cartilage implant into septum get infected?

I recently had a rib cartilage implant from bone bank put into septum to close up space from Inferior Turbinate that had been overly reduced. It... READ MORE

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