Dorsal Hump + Septoplasty

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Nose Bridge Swelling or Permanent Hump?

I fractured my nose two years ago. Following septoplasty one year ago, I was unhappy with the broadness of my nose and what appeared to be a small... READ MORE

Septoplasty to Include Fixing Nose Hump?

I may have to have a Septoplasty but I also have a small dorsal hump that I want removed. I do not wish to change the shape of my nose, just to get... READ MORE

Can Septoplasty help improve the appearance of my nose?

I broke my nose a while ago since then i have a huge hump and wide bottom... from the front its not too bad but when i smile and from the side its... READ MORE

Augmenting the Radix While Removing Nose Hump?

I'm interested in getting a Septoplasty along with a dorsal hump removal. I was told by one of the doctors that I have a low radix, and that I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get my Dorsal Hump Removed (Rhinoplasty) During my Septoplasty?

I'm a guy and I've been uncomfortable with it for so long and hate this hump on my nose. How can I convince my doctor to get this done for free. I'm... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty Revision Not Right

Hi, I am 6 months post op from septo-rhinoplasty. I had no splint, no cast, no packing, just a dressing. Septum is still deviated, crooked and... READ MORE

Small bump on the nose

Hi i´m getting a septoplasty soon to correct a deviated septum and i was wondering if the doctor could just remove the bump on my nose I... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Dorsal Hump I Want It Back, is This Possible?

Hello i recently had septorhinoplasty 4 weeks ago, i had a roman nose with a big bump as well as being droopy, my surgeon i beleive removed to much of... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty: Open or Closed?

I recently turned 20 and want to get septorhinoplasty done. I badly slammed my nose when I was young, resulting in an irritable dorsal hump and... READ MORE

Is the hump on my nose part of my breathing problem? (photo)

So I'm about to go see a doctor if I need that Septoplasty. And I was wondering if I do need surgery will they remove this huge Dorsal hump? I have... READ MORE

Is a nose job going to ruin my face? (photos)

Hello. I have minor bent nasal septum. I have spoken to a surgeon on my area he has recommended septoplasty. Due to me having a bit of a protruding... READ MORE

Septo w/dorsal removal + minor tip adjustment, is $10,000 too much for just the cosmetic part and 4 hours in surgery?

I have a diagnosed deviated septum and went in for a consultation w/a plastic surgeon. I also have a slight dorsal hump, which I would like to remove... READ MORE

Could dorsal hump shave be included with septoplasty? (Photo)

I am planning to see an ear, nose, throat specialist regarding a Septoplasty. This procedure is covered by my provincial health insurance. Could I ask... READ MORE

More Pronounced Dorsal Hump Appearing Post-septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction, Is this Due to Swelling? (photo)

I had septoplasty 8 days ago. I was told that septoplasty would not effect the external appearance of my nose at all. My nose was swollen for a few... READ MORE

Septorplasty Should I Be Worried About Nasal Valve Collapse?

Hello i recently had septorhinoplasy, had a small dorsal hump removed and cause of this apparently my nostrils needed to be made smaller, i used to... READ MORE

Can I get a nose job out of a septoplasty?

A nose is the center of the face, it greatly affects one's self esteem. I had the "dorsal hump"/bump on my face. I HATED it. I tried flattening it for... READ MORE

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