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Is It Ok to Use Salt and Water on a Sore Throat After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 5 days ago and my throat is SO painful (left side) it hurts to swallow and even breathe as my nose is blocked up. I was wondering... READ MORE

5 Days Post-Op Rhinoplasty I have Inflamed Red Throat, is this Postnasal Drip?

I am 5 days PO for my rhinoplasty. The nose discomfort is almost nonexistent. But the sore throat is terrible. At first I thought it was the direct... READ MORE

How do I treat a severe sore throat after rhinoplasty, 5 days post-op?

I was under general anesthesia, so I know that it originated from the intubation. My throat has been sore since the surgery, but two nights ago I was... READ MORE

I have a sore throat and post nasal drip that wont go away. I am 9 weeks post op. When will it get better?

I had a deviated septom, hump removal and turbinate reduction 9 weeks post op, I have had a sore throat since my surgery and also have post nasal drip... READ MORE

Should my throat hurt this bad after Rhinoplasty?

I know I had a tube down my throat but it has been almost a week and it's still causing me pain every time I eat. I cannot eat fruit or else it'll... READ MORE

I have a severe throat ache after Rhinoplasty anything I can do to relieve the pain?

Its been 10 hours since my rhinoplasty and I have a terrible throat ache, it hurts extremely when I try to swallow. READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty throat problems. What are your thoughts on this? Should I be concerned? (Photo)

I got a rhinoplasty done 5 days ago which has hurt my throat beyond belief which I have been told is due to the use of an endotracheal tube. Things... READ MORE

Dripping secretions into the throat and hoarseness after septorhinoplasty.

Could this be that I can experience voice hoarseness when talking to long due to dripping secretions post op? Sometimes I feel it on one side of the... READ MORE

Does your throat hurt after septorhinoplasty?

How long do you usually bleed? Does Arnica Montana help with bruising and swelling? I am wondering because I have a deviated septum. READ MORE

Is it normal to have burning feeling in nose & throat 17 days post turbinate reduction, septo/rhinoplasty, sinus surgery?

I had surgery 17 days ago, my healing seemed to be going as normal as everything I've read. However on day 16 I started to feel soreness in both my... READ MORE

Had a rhinoplasty and sinus surgery six days ago and have blood dripping into my throat and my cheeks are causing a lot of pain.

Had a rhinoplasty and sinus surgery six days ago. I have two issues. First I still have blood dripping in to my throat that I have to spit out several... READ MORE

Does taking antibiotics effect the nose after rhinoplasty?

Hi, it has been 6 weeks since my rhinoplasty. Just about 2 days ago my upper lip was infected and I had an infection in my throat. My doctor gave my... READ MORE

Is it normal to develop permanent sore throat symptoms after a rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty in 1990 to lift the tip of the nose. The operation was in my view a total failure. to lift the tip of se. The the no READ MORE

I have a green phlegm after rhinoseptoplasty. Is this normal?

I have green phlegm appeared in my throat 10 days after my rhinoseptoplasty. First It started with bloody phlegm and now turned to green. Is this... READ MORE

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