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Removing Scabs in Nose from Rhinoplasty?

I had Rhinoplasty done about a week ago and my nose is full of scabs. I know this is normal but the scabs are very annoying. I can hardly breathe... READ MORE

Have I Ruined the Results of my Rhinoplasty by Picking at my Nose?

I had an open rhinoplasty and my cast and sutures came out 5 days later. Starting day 6, I began to retape my nose and touch it. I have also picked at... READ MORE

How To Deal With Scabs After Rhinoplasty?

Hi I had an open rhinoplasty a month ago and have uncomfortable crusts and/or scabs in my nostrils that make me feel stuffy. I think I wasn't... READ MORE

Will Picking the Scabs Out of My Nose Affect the Results of My Rhinoplasty?

I'm 11 days post op and today when I woke up I had trouble breathing from my nose. And when I looked at the mirror I realized that it was because... READ MORE

Preventing Scarring from Pulled Scab Inside Nostril After Rhinoplasty?

11 days post-op from rhinoplasty. 3 days ago I was using peroxide and q-tips to clean out dried blood inside my nostrils and I accidentally pulled out... READ MORE

I Had Rhinoplasty Four Years Ago and Still Get Scabs and Nose Bleeds, What Could be the Cause?

I had rhinoplasty four years ago and the scabs were normal with being there for a few weeks. but that was 4 years ago and have still got them. i also... READ MORE

Pulled Stitches from the Outside of my Nose Today?

I got my cast off today, day 6, and when I got home I started to clean up the outside of my nose where I saw dry blood. I was using tweezers, and when... READ MORE

Scabs in nostril after rhinoplasty - When Will They Fall Off?

I've had closed rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and there are scabs in my nostril. How long does it take for these scabs to fall off? Also, I've had these... READ MORE

Scab on Septum is Normal?

Scab on nostril wall after 2 months that normal? READ MORE

Are the scabs on my nose normal after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I've done my nose 5 days ago and i'm just curious if those scabs seen in the picture is normal? And will they will get away by itself? They use my ear... READ MORE

Feel hard mass inside outer left nostril. What is this?

I had rhinoplasty and septoplasty about a week ago and when I gently removed scabs I felt a hard mass on the inner left outer side of my nostril.... READ MORE

I had septoplasty 8 months ago, septum is loose and makes a whistling sound. Is this normal?

The side that was to be opened more, is still reddish inside. Sometimes I hear my nose whistling, and there is still a little scab that I can feel... READ MORE

2 weeks post op of Septorhinoplasty, would saline spray effect my nose in negative way?

So I had septorhinoplasty around two weeks ago. I got my external splint removed a week or so after the operation. I will get my internal splints off... READ MORE

I had open rhinoplasty four weeks ago, but I can never breathe through both nostrils at the same time. Is something wrong?

4 weeks post surgery. One nostril happens to be blocked whilst the other one works! I still thinks there's scabs on the inside of my nose and my... READ MORE

What to do with scabs after Rhinoplasty?

My nose is so blocked 5 days after rhinoplasty which I'm getting isn't surprising. I was just wondering what to do with the scabs? I know I'm not... READ MORE

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