Polyp + Rhinoplasty

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Why Do I Have a Dent On My Nostril But Never Had a Nose Job?

Alright so i have been looking online and trying to find what is wrong with my nose. And I see pictures of other people with dents and they look like... READ MORE

What is Causing Pressure on my Nasal Bump?

I always feel pressure on my Nasal Bump. I am taking Nasonex for rhinitis but this hasn't alleviated the issue. I'm under Blue-Cross and the doctors... READ MORE

Can polyp removal and rhinoplasty using goretex be done at the same time ? How long would it take to heal? Thank you

I have a nasal polyp on the right nose that affects my breathing. I also have it on my left side but smaller. Would rhinoplasty affect the future... READ MORE

Nasal polyps after rhinoplasty. Do I need surgery?

I've had a rhinoplasty a year ago and since then I've developed nasal polyps , but I didn't care because It didn't affect my breathing , a few days I... READ MORE

What can I do about a crooked nose 2 years on?

2 years ago, my nose was broken when a football hit me in the face and now my nose has bent towards the right side of my face. Recently I have noticed... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty. Would I need to get this polyp removed before surgery?

I would like rhinoplasty but i have a large polyp about half way up my left nostril. Would I ned to get this removed first or does it not matter can... READ MORE

Pain and bleeding 1 week after septoplasy, fenestration of the maxillary sinus, infundibolotomy and removal of some polyps?

I had the above mentioned procedure done one week ago with having chronic sinusitis for years and an acute infection prior to the surgery. The Surgery... READ MORE

Can previously fixed deviated septums become deviated again? Is it worth another trip to my local ENT specialist? (Photo)

I had a deviated septum surgically and nasal polyps removed 5 yrs ago Lately I've noticed that I cant easily breath through my noseWhen I do breathe... READ MORE

I have a deviated septum and polyps.

One doctor says just clean up sinus , no need to touch septum or nasal bone and other doctor says cleanup as well straight the septum. I am confused.... READ MORE

Is it normal to have nasal polyps after septo and rhinoplasty?

I have septo and rhinoplasty for 75 days ago small polyps stared bilateral in both nostrils and cause obstruction in airway is it a complication or... READ MORE

Is my hump after polyp removal just swelling? (photos)

Hello, I had 2 rhinoplasty befor.the first it in 3/2013 and was closed to remove hump in the bridge of the nose.got astraight nose, but became breath... READ MORE

Swelling 6 months post septo-rhinoplasty and polyp removal. Open roof deformity? (Photo)

Hi, I had closed septo-rhinoplasty and I was awake during the surgery because I decided against general anesthesia.I had polyp and hump removal (mid... READ MORE

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