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My Nose Has an Odor Like A Bad Smell Inside, I Had Rhino 3weeks Ago

I had surgery 3weeks ago and I have a bad smell/odor from the left nostril.is it Normal?? Ugh I almost spanked my dog for bobo'ing in the house... READ MORE

What Could Be Causing Cheesy Pus Smell in Nostril After Rhinoplasty?

Had a rhino 1.5 months ago. 3 weeks ago, I started develop odd smell from just right nostril. When I rub finger inside tip and smell the clear... READ MORE

Bad Smell,is It an Infection?

I got a nose job bout 3 weeks ago,past few days I noticed a smell frm my nose,is it infected? I still have the dissolvible stitches in my nose,is it... READ MORE

Bad Smell from Nose 2 Months After Rhinoplasty, What Can be Done?

I had an open rhinoplasty two months ago and have had a bad smell coming from my nose ever since. Why is that so? And what can be done about it? Thank... READ MORE

Funny Smell in Nose Post Op Rhinoplasty?

Currently i am 14 days post op rhinoplasty. At 11 days I noticed a not so nice smell in my nose. I inspected my nostrils and noticed that I had pussy... READ MORE

Bad Smell from Left over Suture in Nose, When Will This Go Away?

I read that some patients get "bad smells" coming from their nostrils when not all the sutures in the nose is removed/dissolved even years after their... READ MORE

Swelling and Bad Smell on the Right Side of my Nose, Its Been 3 Weeks Since Operation? (photo)

Hi, ive had rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and the right side of my nose still seems swollen inside and it has a bad smell, there is no pain at all but just... READ MORE

3.5 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty/tip Plasty and Foul Smell?

I am 3.5 weeks out from Rhinoplasty/Tiplasty. I did not have any packing, and have noticed since a couple of days post surgery the same foul smell. I... READ MORE

Smell After Rhinoplasty?

Since I had my rhinoplasty five months ago, the left side of my nose produces a nasty smell. I know this because when I put my finger in the left side... READ MORE

Experiencing yellow oozing with a foul odor coming from my left nostril post septorhinoplasty (9 days PO), what causes it?

Whats causing the clear yellow substance? And is this something I should address, or is it considered something fairly normal? Also, I was wondering... READ MORE

5 months post op Rhinoplasty. Having throbbing pain and a bad smell in my nose. Is this normal?

I am really worried about my nose. I have throbbing pain almost everyday in my nose as well as a bad smell sometimes. My throat will also start aching... READ MORE

Smell in nose a year after Rhinoplasty. Is this normal?

My nose doesn't have a smell all the time, but sometimes when it is really runny (if I am out in the cold) I can smell a strange odor. I didn't notice... READ MORE

I Have a Hole in my Nose, a Plug Was Used. During the Healing Process, the Plug Had to Be Removed?

When the Doctor removed the plug, i asked when it can be replaced, she said it tore a lot bigger and couldn't be replaced and that i now have no... READ MORE

Bad odor in nose 11 days after rhinoplasty. Should I be concerned?

Open rhinoplasty 11 days ago. Incision looks great. Just noticed a bad smell today . I saw some blood crusts inside so I tried to rinse them out.... READ MORE

Is my nose off-center after septorhinoplasty? (Photo)

Septorhino 5 weeks ago. Pre-op front view -nose centered between my eyes. Pre-op, my (anatomic) right side was my "longer" side. Post-op I've also had... READ MORE

Smell from nose 4 weeks post-rhinoplasty - but no other symptoms?

I'm four weeks post op. I've been rinsing my nose twice every day with salt water (8 oz water and teaspoon salt, though I realized tonight I've been... READ MORE

I have bad odor on nose after I take off the tapes. Is this normal?

I had closed rhinoplasty done about 20 days ago. I still use tape on my nose as instructed by my surgeon. When I am changing the tape there is a... READ MORE

Bad odor in nose 15 months after successful rhinoplasty.

I continue to have a bad odor in my nose nearly 1.5 years after my surgery. The odor is only noticeable in my mucus, not just in my nose. In other... READ MORE

1 week post op of Rhinoplasty, I feel like the things I eat go in my nose. Is it possible for this to happen?

Is it possible for this to happen? I had surgery a week ago and I just ate pasta. I kind of felt the paste go to the back of my nose and the odor is... READ MORE

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