Martial Arts + Rhinoplasty

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How Long Should I Wait to Ride a Bike or Do Martial Arts After Bridge Rhinoplasty?

How long should i wait to ride a bike without wearing helmet after bridge rhinoplasty? i would like to join again my martial art & karate center... READ MORE

I plan on getting Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty, will I be able to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu again?

I plan on getting rhinoplasty/septoplasty soon. Will I be able to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu again? If yes, until when? It's a grappling martial arts. READ MORE

Martial Arts After Rhinoplasty? Recommended Healing Time?

How long should I have to wait until my nose is as strong as before surgery? I would like to resume taekwondo lessons and I just wanted to know when I... READ MORE

I Want to Know if Ethnic Tip Rhinoplasty Will Be a Problem with Martial Arts?

The only thing I want is a smaller tip and nostril. I do martial arts and want to know if I get hit or fall after a year, will it be seriously damage?... READ MORE

Is getting a Rhinoplasty 3 years before going into Mixed Martial Arts okay?

At the moment I am competing in Judo, a martial art where one person is trying to throw another person or submit them in a joint lock. I never fall on... READ MORE

After an Open Rhinoplasty, How Long Does It Take in General Until the Nose is "Healed Up" Resp. No Longer Prone for Injuries?

I do martial arts and would like to know when I could possibly start (vigorous) training again after an open Rhinoplasty has been performed. Thank you... READ MORE

I Do Judo, I Will Get a Nose Operation to Straighten my Septum Since It's Crooked.Will I Be Able to Do Judo After the Operation?

I am 14 years old and will get the operation in 6 months. If I can do judo again do i have a chance it will get injured or crooked again? I dont want... READ MORE

When I Can I Start Practicing Kendo?

Would 4-5 months be a sufficient amount of time for me to start practicing Kendo after my rhinoplasty? I will be wearing a helmet(also has braces to... READ MORE

MMA fighter wanting tip rhinoplasty. Could I get the tip rhinoplasty and go back to sparring in a month or so? (Photo)

I am an MMA fighter. I've had surgery to correct a deviated septum (not from mama) and am no longer concerned with whether or not its straight, but I... READ MORE

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