Saline Implants 12 Years Old and Right One is Now Deflating I Think. One is Droopy - Westchester, NY

First, I want to say I've been reading this...

First, I want to say I've been reading this website for a few years. I've considered facelifts and injections--and consult realself for nearly every cosmetic concern. Now, I'm finally participating. Thank you everyone for your stories and advice!

Twelve years ago I made the decision to get my implants. I had literally wanted them since the age of ten. I was always self conscious about my flat chest and broad shoulders, so exactly one month after I turned 18, after years and years of research (I saw my first plastic surgeon at the age of 16--and he turned me away for wasting his time!) I found Dr. Dan C. Morello in Westchester, NY (now retired). He was incredible. We met 4 or 5 times before the surgery, and he informed me of all risks, all implant types and addressed every concern possible.

At the time (2001), silicone was still banned for breast implants. I chose saline implants (mentor) and I believe they were inserted above the muscle, and under the breast. I think the amount was 500 ccs.

During the surgery I felt no pain. I remember the insertion of the IV, and opened my eyes in what seemed like 10 minutes later. I asked the nurse when we would start, she laughed and said it was done. I looked down, and saw a gigantic white mass in front of me. It was bandaging of course. I had to stay in bed for about 5 or 6 days (if I remember right). The after care was incredible, and so was the staff. Unfortunately, I don't remember names now, but at the time they were helpful. I called about once a week for two years with (paranoid) fears of capsular contraction. I was only charged for surgery, never check ups.

Fast forward to 2013. I just turned 30 and gravity is taking its toll on my body. For the majority of my 20's, my breasts were my pride. They looked incredible, yet natural (in a perfect sort of way!) I never wore bras and they stayed pert. Now, well, the right is beginning to sag.

My breasts don't match and I can't tell if its the aging process, or deflation of one implant. Unfortunately, money IS an issue. I'm really depressed about this and don't even want to take my shirt off. Do I need new implants for both? Would mentor cover the implant cost if the right implant leaked?

The pic of me tan is a few years ago, when my implants still looked great. The others are an un-tan, unhappy set :-(

Hi, my mother also has saline implants. She has experienced a similar reaction after about 11 years -- one of her breasts has become smaller than the other, kind of deflated looking, and definitely noticeable. Keep in mind that implants are not "forever-proof." They require maintenance and replacement, usually after about 10 years. Your body ages, you exert energy, and lots of other factors contribute to the condition of the implants. I suggest you look into a physician that offers a payment plan, or taking out a medical procedure credit card. I know you indicated above that money is an issue, however it's unsafe physically (and it sounds like emotionally) for you to continue to have the implants at their current state. There are many, many options available for you financially, but you have to first research and second, commit to a plan. I hope this has helped you. Good luck :-)

Hi there,

I think you might need to call your surgeon and ask about Mentor's warranty and let him examine you so you can figure out if it's deflation going on or not.

I'm so glad you shared on RealSelf and I hope some other ladies come by and give you their input!

Thanks so much! I would love feedback--and maybe a professional opinion based on the pics.
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